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AK Sealcoating Trigger Spray Wand


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This Trigger Spray Wand delivers a beautiful precision control fan spray at your finger tips. Choose your spray tips and you are ready to spray!

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Sealcoating Trigger Gun

1 Year Warranty!

Precision control fan for all our sealcoating spray systems.

The Bottom Line

High Pressure Spray Gun for professional sealcoat applications.

Sealcoating trigger spray wandThe AK TS150 trigger spray wand fits all existing AK Sealcoating Spray System models: simply screw it on and you're ready to go!

The AK TS150 delivers a beautiful precision control fan spray. More control means you can cut in the asphalt edges faster and get perfect coverage every time with no sealer puddles.

The AK Gun features a custom comfort grip and is easy on arms with its light weight of only 4 lbs. Imagine how much time you will save using the Total Control AK TS150.

All previous AK Sealcoating Spray System models came with a ball valve styled spray wand. We had to go with a ball valve styled spray wand because previous tests with trigger wands proved to be non functional. The main cylinder in the trigger handle would jam due to a rubber seal that would dry open after running sealer through it. We didn't feel comfortable offering a spray wand that wasn't up to our standards.

After countless hours of research, development and testing we are pleased to offer the AK TS150 Total Control Spray Gun that fits with all our Sealcoating Spray Systems.

There is no rubber boot around the cylinder. This prevents sealer from building up and causing blockage.


  • You're in control of the flow of the sealer with a simple squeeze of the trigger.
  • Emergency shut off ball valve
  • No sealer puddles.
  • Beautiful fan spray.
  • Fits any existing AK Sealcoating System models.
  • Very light (4 LBS).
  • Very comfortable hand grip for bare hand or gloves.
  • Looks more professional for your customers.
  • Easier to do the cutting around the edges of the asphalt surface.

Tips sold separately.

  • All asphalt emulsion sealers (i.e. coal tar, latex, acrylic, oil based).
  • Will NOT work with sand mixes. Sand mixes will wear the seals out in the handle.
Spray Tip
  • Threading and quick connects for fast connection to any AK spray system models.
ComponentsBlack trigger handle, aluminum wand (lance).
  • Extra venting for performance at high temps.
  • Comfortable hand grip space so you can easily wear work gloves.
  • Features a safety lock for full time spray.
  • Emergency shut off ball valve on lance.
Maximum Pressure5,000 Pounds per Square Inch
Maximum Operating Temperature320° F
Maximum Material Flow10.5 gallons per minute
Outlet Size1/4" FNPT
Inlet size3/8" FNPT
Weight4 lbs
Dimensions3"W x 45"L x 9"H

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