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AK30 Gallon Melter Oven

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The Asphalt Kingdom 30 Gallon Melter kettle, designed to melt down cubes of rubberized crackfiller into liquid form.

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Regular Price: $1,750.00

Today’s Price: $1,475.00

You Save:Bundle Saves: $275.00

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30 gallon melter kettle

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  • 30 gallon melter kettle
  • 30 gallon melter kettle
  • 30 gallon crack melter
  • filled in asphalt crack
1 Year Warranty!Have hot and ready crack filler in just 30 minutes. Melts 1,200 lbs/day.

The Bottom Line

The AK30 Melter Crack Filling Sealing System gives you hot product in 30 minutes or less.

Our 30 Gallon Melter crack sealer melter can hold six 50LB blocks of hot pour crack fill. Each block comes as a five gallon cube of hard rubberized crack sealer. Simply attach a propane bottle (not included), light it, and you're ready to go in no time.

This is a portable kettle with the capability of heating enough hot pour crack fill to fill 6,000 linear feet of cracks per day.

Has no moving parts and needs minimal operating energy.

This Melter brings the crack filler from a solid form to a liquid form and allows you to apply hot rubberized crack filler for refilling your Pour Pot or your Melter / Applicator to apply crack filler.

Once it has become a liquid, this melter will keep the crack filler hot until turned off.

This 30 gallon melter is the larger version of its little brother, the 10 gallon flex kettle. A capacity upgrade to 55 gallons is available.

The AK30 comes complete with propane burner, temperature gauge with guard, 10' hose, regulator, striker, and draw-off valve.

It has lifting handles on each end for ease of carrying and moving.

In addition it has a built-in manually operated agitation handle to help keep your crack sealer stirred up.



The hot rubberized crackfill melter comes equipped with:

  • hand agitator
  • propane burner
  • temperature gauge
  • temperature regulator
  • transfer hose
  • lifting handles
  • hinged lid
  • draw-off valve
  • comes with tiger torch
  • extremely easy to operate
  • propane fuelled


Product NameAK30AK55
Dimensions45"L x 26"W x 38"H49"L x 30"W x 43"H
Weight200 lbs245 lbs
Capacity30 gallons55 gallons
  • Heats 6 50-lb blocks of rubberized hot pour crackfiller in 30 minutes or less
  • Can melt up to 1200 lbs a day.
  • Heats 11 50-lb blocks of rubberized hot pour crackfiller. Provides hot material in 30 minutes or less.
  • Can melt up to 1800 lbs a day
Construction14-gauge steel construction with guard, built in agitator, lifting handles, and hinged lid
TorchHigh butane head set: 50,000 BTU

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