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Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

Commercial Property Managers and Franchise Operators Save $1000s Doing Their Own Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs.

asphalt parking lot repair As an owner, manager, operator you are always looking for ways to save money and cut costs.

All our clients have one thing in common: they want to improve the condition and appearance of their asphalt assets, and save money. They have learned that by having their own maintenance staff do their asphalt repairs, they can save thousands of dollars.

Read customer testimonials or take a look at our case studies showing how people just like you were able to save time and money by doing their own pavement maintenance.

If you’ve got any potholes in your parking lot, you want to fill them right away, before they spread and become bigger. We’re pleased to offer our new Asphalt Kingdom Cold Asphalt Patch that makes the job fast and easy. Its unique chemical makeup means that it adheres to the foundations inside the pothole, preventing any spreading. This rapid-setting cold patch works in any season, and takes just three easy steps from start to finish.

Preparation is a critical part of process and preparing the asphalt surface correctly using the proper crack filling products and crack repair application equipment will assure you that you have filled the cracks properly. Our customers recommend the AK crack repair package for customers who have large parking lots that need maintenance on a yearly basis.

Once the cracks are filled you will need commercial grade blacktop sealer to properly sealcoat your parking lot.

The commercial grade sealer can be applied with one of our AK Sealcoating Spray Systems. Our customers find that the spray systems are the most popular due to their low cost and ease of use and they often comment about being shocked about how quickly they can get the job done as our sealcoat systems allow them to sealcoat at walking speed.

Most parking lot surfaces also need parking lines painted on the asphalt surface, once the area has been sealcoated. We carry the highest quality asphalt paint and asphalt line striping equipment, all backed by our satisfaction guarantee. And don't forget those reserved parking signs (arrows, handicap signs, parking, etc.). At Asphalt Kingdom we have the stencil templates for that too.

We have experienced professionals at Asphalt Kingdom, who will provide you with free expert advice on your situation and make sure that you get the best advice pertaining to your situation. Call 1-866-399-5562 to speak with an AK Advisor or fill out the Have a Question form below.

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