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Asphalt Sealer

  • Water Evaporation in Sealcoating Tanks

    Did you know that water evaporates from your sealcoat tank dropping the level of your sealer over time? As a sealcoater you should always use a dip stick and check the level of your sealer when you store your unit at the end of the day. When you go to use your sealcoat machine again simply recheck the level of your sealer and refill (with water) it back to its original storage level. This will allow you to maintain the dilution rate of your sealer so it doesn't get too thick and create pump/spraying issues and it will also increase your profits as you won't be losing mixed product through evaporation. Continue reading
  • Do Not Chase Shiny Things! (Especially Not When It Comes To Your Asphalt)

    Are you heading out this weekend to do some fall chores before the leaves start to fall? If that includes sealcoating your driveway, you should know that asphalt sealer that makes your driveway shiny is NOT a good thing! It's true. Find out why you should avoid bright shiny sealcoats and two other must-know tips for choosing a blacktop sealer here.     Continue reading

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