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Line striping

  • Choose Large Stencil Letters for Your Painting Business

    Do you have a painting business? If you are looking for a way to expand your business and add more clients, it might be time to consider adding something new to your services. A great way to find extra clients around town is to offer things such as parking lot and curb painting. You will find there is more to painting a parking lot than just striping. Why Add Stencils to the Business? Let’s look at some of the best reasons to start adding this type of service to your painting business. You will quickly see that it could be a very good idea. First, you have the potential for quite a bit more business. Take a moment to think about the various areas in your location that might need to have stenciled painting in the parking lots, or even along the curbs. You can solicit these businesses as a part of your marketing. Adding them can help to keep your company nice and busy. Second, it’s a relatively simple thing to do and to learn. You will not have to spend a lot of time learning a brand-new skill, as it is essentially something you already do... Continue reading
  • Choose the Right Letter Stencils for Painting

    Whether you need to paint an address on the curb in front of your home or you are a professional painting parking spaces and roadways, you need to make sure you have the right stencils for the job. Trying to paint without stencils is simply not possible, at least if you want the writing to be legible. You can find a range of stencil options and kits that can help you with the job. However, you should have a good idea of just what you need before buying. The following information can help make sure you are choosing the best stencils for your needs. Curbs If you need to paint an address on a curb, the best bet is to choose letters and numbers that are between three inches and four inches high. This ensures that they will fit onto the curb, and that they are still going to be very visible. This can help with things such as deliveries, for example. You want the stencils that you choose to be very clear and legible. Parking Space Those who are painting a parking space need to make sure that they go quite a bit larger with any numbers or letters... Continue reading
  • For Successful Line Striping You Need To Use Bitumen Paint

    Not all things are equal, and this is especially true when line striping after you sealcoat. Commercial-grade bitumen paint is specifically made for use on asphalt, and gives you a long-lasting, professional-looking, and successful result. Chipping, fading, peeling, and flaking are hallmarks of a job done with a product that is not designed as traffic paint. Needs To Hold Up To Traffic The whole purpose of painting parking lots is to clearly mark the directions, stalls, fire lanes, etc. It’s pointless if what you use is quickly worn away by the cars driving over the area.  Roads and parking lots are by their very nature, heavily used by cars, trucks, and people. If the product you use for line striping is not meant for asphalt, you will get premature peeling and wear. Bitumen paint is specially formulated to adhere and last. After you sealcoat, you are expecting this to last for 2 years before you need to reapply, so it’s well worth the time to source the proper product for the job. Add-Ons Work Best With The Right Product Whether you need to add Safe-Step Grit to prevent slipping or Hi-Visibility Glass Beads for maximum reflectivity... Continue reading
  • What Parking Lot Equipment Do You Need For Maintenance?

    Parking lot equipment can help you maintain your own property at a huge savings, and maintenance represents significant savings over replacement! So, what do you need to have to properly maintained parking lots? Let’s walk through the 5 essential steps from caution tape to line striping. Step 1:  Block Access This is not a step you want to skip! You need to protect your work site, so make sure you have cones and caution tape placed to prevent cars from driving over and undoing all your hard work. Step 2:  Clean Start Every job must start with a clean surface. You need to remove all dirt and debris in order to see what needs fixing and to ensure your work adheres properly. The way you clean is up to you: your budget, and also how much time you have. Parking lot equipment for cleaning ranges from a broom which will cost very little but take a lot of time, to a gas blower which is far more efficient. It costs more but when saving time is important it pays back huge dividends. It can also be used in fall cleanup, cleanup after lawn care, etc. Finally, any fuel stains...
  • Line Striping Parking Lot Lines Adds To Your Bottom Line!

    The smartest way to expand your sealcoating business is to add line striping parking lot lines. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add to your customer base by servicing businesses. An investment in line painting equipment will reap you a larger client base, more profits, and a great professional reputation. Remember, sealcoating will cover up paint lines, so why not become the go-to company that can service all parts of asphalt maintenance – from crack filling to sealcoating to repainting parking lot lines?  Clients will love the one-stop shopping you provide and it will give you an edge over smaller sealcoaters. How much profit? You can charge $11.25 for a 45 linear foot parking stall. A case of paint will cost you $119, and cover up to 2400 linear feet. That's 53 stalls done earning you almost $600 so you earn over $475 in profit in one day. In a month? Almost $10,000 profit! Why add commercial clients? First off, commercial properties have a lot more traffic, so they need more maintenance. You will not get the opportunity to sealcoat these properties if you don’t have the capacity to put in the parking lot lines... Continue reading

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