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  • Storing Asphalt Sealer The Right Way Protects Your Product

    Storing asphalt sealer would never happen in a perfect world. You would buy exactly what you need and never have any unused sealcoat left over. In the real world, we have to be sure to have enough asphalt sealcoating to get the work done without running out. Your business depends on having the supply to meet your demand, and at the end of the season that means you have to protect your product and practice proper sealant storage. Temperature Is Crucial No matter what time of year it is, you must protect against freezing temperatures. This is true of storing asphalt sealer for the day or the season. Otherwise you will end up with ruined product that is useless to you. Make sure your sealant storage is 45º to 50º F whether it’s the end of the day, or the end of the season. Did You Know? At Asphalt Kingdom we ship our sealer in heated transport trucks to protect against freezing. Not only that, if you order in winter, we’ll store the product for you in the right conditions, until you are ready for delivery. Are You Agitated About Your Unused Sealcoat? ... Continue reading
  • Learn How To Tackle Winter Asphalt Maintenance And Why It Is Important

    Winter asphalt maintenance must include patching potholes. A couple of months ago we covered Pothole Patrol: Spotlight On Cities That Give You A Way To Report Dangerous Asphalt but what are you doing about your blacktop? Having a gaping hole on your driveway or parking lot is just as dangerous to passers-by, vehicles, and snow removal equipment. As if that is not enough, the costly damage to your pavement from snow, ice, freeze-thaw cycles, shovels, and plows will bring a frighteningly high spring repair bill. There is an easy fix, no worries, here’s what to do! Cold Asphalt Patch is easy to use for anyone: homeowner, property manager, or sealcoating professional. This is not your old-school patching potholes material; this is state-of-the-art and engineered to last. Plus it’s a winter asphalt maintenance task that can be completed no matter the outside temperature. Equipment Needed Chisel or Large Flat-Head Screwdriver Hammer Coarse Gravel (not round, pea gravel) Cold Asphalt Patch Plywood Already you can see this is a job that doesn’t require you to have all kinds of specialized equipment! However, an asphalt concrete saw can certainly make step 2 easier. 5 Steps For Applying The Patch ... Continue reading
  • Liquid DeIcers: Your Best Friend Against Winter Storms

    Liquid deicers will change how you react to a winter storm warning. Now you can get out there and do something about the coming snow, sleet, and freezing rain, before the storm front hits. You can forget about staring out the window, waiting, watching, wondering when you need to shovel or plow or salt. You just get out there and spray the liquid ice melt on sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and parking areas and you are ready for up to the first 2 inches of snow. How To Prevent Ice And Snow Build-Up Before the storm arrives, you simply spray the de-icer on the surfaces you want to keep clear. Liquid deicers work by melting the snow and ice as it falls. This liquid ice melt also acts as a barrier, so when it is time to shovel or plow, the slush and snow is not stuck to the surface. Plus, you’re not stuck pushing destructive rock salt onto bordering areas, wasting salt and destroying nearby lawn. Best of all, you can melt up to 2 inches of snow as it falls! Safer Than Salt The environment matters, and yet sometimes we compromise for safer... Continue reading
  • Pothole Patrol: Spotlight On Cities That Give You A Way To Report Dangerous Asphalt

    Potholes are not just a bumpy nuisance; they can be quite dangerous to vehicles. There are plenty of sites that make light of the pothole situation, but today let us turn the spotlight on to the cities that are working hard to fix their roads. At long last, road authorities are using the internet to give hard-working busy people a way to report potholes online. Finally, we can do away with trying to phone the right department to report road damage! Los Angeles, California is well known for how busy the roads are, and has an easy way to fill out an online form to report different types of needed road work. Number 1 on the form? Pothole! Even better, right on the form is a 1-800 number to report emergencies. New York City’s DOT really gets down to the nitty-gritty with their online reporting page.  They have a full page, with pictures and a description covering hummocks, ponding, cave-ins, and so much more, as well as pothole sightings. State Of New Jersey has an absolute wealth of information, to help commuters figure out whether it’s a state reporting issue, and by giving them a list of... Continue reading
  • Hurricane Sandy - Our Thoughts Are With You

    At Asphalt Kingdom, our thoughts are with those families who were so deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. Below is a snippet of the path of destruction that Sandy had left and what's ahead in terms of repairing and reconstructing the millions of lives that were affected.   [View the story "Hurricane Sandy" on Storify] Continue reading
  • Do Not Chase Shiny Things! (Especially Not When It Comes To Your Asphalt)

    Are you heading out this weekend to do some fall chores before the leaves start to fall? If that includes sealcoating your driveway, you should know that asphalt sealer that makes your driveway shiny is NOT a good thing! It's true. Find out why you should avoid bright shiny sealcoats and two other must-know tips for choosing a blacktop sealer here.     Continue reading
  • Great New Asphalt Kingdom Clothing Available!

    Brrrr! Sure is getting cold in the mornings in the North East! Perfect time to pull on one of our new Asphalt Kingdom long-sleeved shirts! We've selected a variety of high-cotton quality clothes you can wear on the job site or going door-to-door to drum up more business! Choose from sweats, tees, tanks and more. Check out the full Asphalt Kingdom Clothing Store here! Continue reading
  • Top Asphalt Producers: Pictorial Representation

    We admit it. . . we spend a lot of time thinking about asphalt here at Asphalt Kingdom! So when we read the recent UN report on asphalt, we found ourselves surprised by a few factoids, and figured we'd better get right to making up a picture or two to share the information with you. For instance, you probably guessed as we did that the US produces the most asphalt of any single country around the world . . . but do you know who comes in second place? And what about the percentage of asphalt produced for roads, asphalt driveways and asphalt parking lots, versus the amount produced for roofs? Check out the answers in the graphic below! The Leading Asphalt Producers - An infographic by the team at The Leading Asphalt Producers Embed The Leading Asphalt Producers Visualized on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below The Leading Asphalt Producers Visualized - An infographic by the team at Asphalt Kingdom Continue reading
  • Asphalt Cleaning: Do It For Looks Do It For A Longer Lifespan

    Asphalt cleaning strikes many people as a never-ending waste of time; after all, it will just get dirty again right? What if I told you that it can dramatically extend the life of your blacktop? Parking lots large and small suffer from damage every day that can easily be prevented. If you would like to prevent potholes, cracks, and erosion, here are the steps to follow. Keep The Surface Clear Of Debris: Cleaning pavement of leaves, garbage, and other debris is about keeping your parking lot looking great, for sure. It’s more than that though. All that stuff will trap moisture and hurt your pavement. Think about it; even the thickest and best lacquer on a tabletop will get water rings from wet glasses. Same goes for moisture trapped on the surface of your parking lot. Asphalt cleaning keeps it free from trapped moisture. It doesn’t need to be a painful and time-consuming job either. Invest in a good gas blower for clearing pavement and start by blowing off the debris. Work with the wind and direct it to one corner of your lot. This is the perfect way to see the surface clearly and to... Continue reading
  • Top Asphalt: Is It Time To Repave Or Repair?

    Should you top asphalt on your blacktop parking lot or driveway with a fresh coat of paving, or repair it? This is the big money question that people want to know the answer to. And not by asking someone who stands to make a lot of money by saying it is time for a repave! So how can you tell with your own two eyes? Look at the damage, step-by-step, like this: Potholes are the number one reason people tend to think it’s time to repave or replace, and this simply is not the case. If there is still a good solid base (foundation), this type of damage is easy to repair with a cold asphalt patch. Now if your parking area is more potholes than paving, or if the foundation is in bad shape all over, then it is time to repave. Depressions and ruts in the blacktop are another big reason people feel the need to replace. You can top asphalt with that same asphalt patch to fill those ruts and depressions. You simply apply the patch and tamp it down. Use a piece of plywood, bottom side lightly oiled, and drive over it... Continue reading

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