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  • Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment: Learn How To Single Out What You Need

    Asphalt sealcoating equipment comes in such a wide selection it can be hard to single out what you actually need. The simplest way to choose is to think through the steps of the job and which sealcoat equipment will work best for you. A do it yourself’er will have simpler needs than a property manager or a business owner, but the job remains the same. Here is your blacktop maintenance check list. Prep Work Items: Look, all you really need is a broom and a hose to get the pavement clean of dirt and debris. So why on earth would you need anything more? One reason is to save time. Gas blowers will do the work in a fraction of the time. Another reason is that they are useful for clearing yards as well as pavement. This is single-handedly the most overlooked item in sealcoat equipment, and one of the biggest time-savers, especially for property managers and business owners. Asphalt sealcoating equipment: Again, all you need is a squeegee or a brush to spread the pavement sealer. If you are a do-it-yourself’er you can get the job done without anything more than that. Let’s face it... Continue reading
  • Asphalt Top Coat: Learn How To Protect Your Pavement

    Asphalt top coat is what you need to protect your pavement from the elements and learning how to do it is easy. Now, you may ask why this driveway maintenance is necessary, after all the blacktop is intended for the outdoors, right? True, but just like paint, the great outdoors wears away the surface and it needs to be touched up to protect it. Let’s learn how to do the job yourself in 4 easy steps. Step One: How To Tell If It’s Time Fresh and new it should look black and glossy. If what you’re seeing is grey, dry, and brittle, it is definitely time! And just so you know, water should bead and roll off, not soak into the surface. Step Two: Driveway Maintenance Prep Work For the asphalt top coat to work, you need a clean, dry, warm surface. So get out that broom, or even better a pressure washer, and thoroughly clean the surface. Seal any cracks with crack filler after it dries. Clean any stains from fuel with a degreaser specifically formulated for asphalt (other cleaners can eat away at your pavement as badly as fuel spills). Check your... Continue reading
  • For Successful Line Striping You Need To Use Bitumen Paint

    Not all things are equal, and this is especially true when line striping after you sealcoat. Commercial-grade bitumen paint is specifically made for use on asphalt, and gives you a long-lasting, professional-looking, and successful result. Chipping, fading, peeling, and flaking are hallmarks of a job done with a product that is not designed as traffic paint. Needs To Hold Up To Traffic The whole purpose of painting parking lots is to clearly mark the directions, stalls, fire lanes, etc. It’s pointless if what you use is quickly worn away by the cars driving over the area.  Roads and parking lots are by their very nature, heavily used by cars, trucks, and people. If the product you use for line striping is not meant for asphalt, you will get premature peeling and wear. Bitumen paint is specially formulated to adhere and last. After you sealcoat, you are expecting this to last for 2 years before you need to reapply, so it’s well worth the time to source the proper product for the job. Add-Ons Work Best With The Right Product Whether you need to add Safe-Step Grit to prevent slipping or Hi-Visibility Glass Beads for maximum reflectivity... Continue reading
  • How To Choose Good Blacktop Sealers: Coal Tar Versus Asphalt Emulsion

    Knowing what is in blacktop sealers is such an important part in choosing a good one. Especially when you take the time to compare coal tar and asphalt emulsion. This is important to everyone who either gets their driveway sealed or is in the business of sealcoating. Knowing what is going on the asphalt, and why, is the only way for success. What Matters: Way too often we hear the question “Why does it matter what is used to seal asphalt?” First of all, the properties of the two types are different and it affects how they stand up to use. Secondly, how you buy and apply have challenges you need to be aware of. Asphalt Emulsion Blacktop Sealers: Although there have been vast improvements made in this type of sealer, there are some really important differences when compared to coal tar. Take a look at how it stacks up when you compare. Requires warmer temperatures when applying Curing is negatively affected in high humidity Temperature and humidity troubles mean a 24 hour dry time before a second coat can be applied Needs 5lbs silica sand per gallon to try to make it last longer and dry... Continue reading
  • What’s The Right Cordless Blower For Your Property?

    When it comes to yard maintenance equipment, you want to make sure to get the most bang for your buck. A cordless blower is a multi-purpose tool that gets the outdoor chores done quickly, easily, and thoroughly. The question becomes which is the right leaf blower for you, and what is it best suited for? Why Not Just Rake And Sweep? If you have a small property without trees, this may well be an excellent choice, but it’s still hard work. Clean up will go far quicker with the right tool for the job, and will give you far better results. A cordless blower makes short work of debris on driveways, sidewalks, lawns, and patios. Best of all, it gets those leaves hiding in all those annoying corners, and when it comes to hard surfaces, it clears away all the dust and grit. This is especially important when you plan on yard maintenance tasks like driveway sealing where you need the surface cleaner than clean. See? A leaf blower isn’t just for clearing your lawn; it does an amazing job of cleaning hard surface areas as well. Backpack Versus Push: This is a big decision and an important... Continue reading
  • Cleaning Asphalt

    The most important things to do before you seal a driveway is to properly prep it for sealing. Here are a few things that I learnt by taking the Asphalt Kingdom Maintenance Course(http://www.asphaltkingdom.com/asphalt-maintenance-course.html): 1. Clearing Weeds and Remove Loose Asphalt from areas that are broken up: If you have a whipper-snipper/weed wacker you can get a lot of the grass off the edges to expose the whole asphalt surface. It is critically important to try and get all weeds including roots off and out of the driveway. Use a stiff broom to remove this dirt and debris off the driveway. If you have an electric or gas powered blower you can use that as well – you will find that you will save time with the “Blower”. You can rent blowers or as I have done bought the 9 HP Billy Goat Gas Blower from Asphalt Kingdom. Remove loose material from the edges of small potholes and large cracks. Use a large screw driver, wire brush, water from a hose or the blower that you originally used above to clean the dust and debris off the surface. 2. Filling the Cracks: Residential Driveway... Continue reading
  • Crack Fill Tip

    When you have a high ridge on your hot crack fill use your torch to blend the edges for a better look. Don't go overboard with the heat just use a low flame to glaze the edges down. Use coarse sand to prefill the cracks so the crackfill will fill it in one pass, if you don't you will end up having to go over it many times for deep cracks to fill it correctly. When you price your jobs break out the crack fill and make it optional so the Sealing job is in line with your competitors who may not have priced it in their quotes. This also protects you from the client saying they thought your quote included crackfill. Good sealing ! Continue reading
  • What Parking Lot Equipment Do You Need For Maintenance?

    Parking lot equipment can help you maintain your own property at a huge savings, and maintenance represents significant savings over replacement! So, what do you need to have to properly maintained parking lots? Let’s walk through the 5 essential steps from caution tape to line striping. Step 1:  Block Access This is not a step you want to skip! You need to protect your work site, so make sure you have cones and caution tape placed to prevent cars from driving over and undoing all your hard work. Step 2:  Clean Start Every job must start with a clean surface. You need to remove all dirt and debris in order to see what needs fixing and to ensure your work adheres properly. The way you clean is up to you: your budget, and also how much time you have. Parking lot equipment for cleaning ranges from a broom which will cost very little but take a lot of time, to a gas blower which is far more efficient. It costs more but when saving time is important it pays back huge dividends. It can also be used in fall cleanup, cleanup after lawn care, etc. Finally, any fuel stains...
  • Is It Time To Tar Asphalt? Five Ways You Can Tell!

    Using tar asphalt to maintain and protect your blacktop is vital to the long-life of your driveway. Knowing when you need to sealcoat asphalt is the key. You want to save money by doing the proper upkeep, but you do not want to waste your hard-earned dollars if the driveway is in good shape. There are five ways you can easily tell if you need to do the maintenance work. Faded To Grey: Is it time to tar asphalt surfaces around your property? That grey color is the sign of oxidization, which means the surface is drying out and becoming brittle. If your blacktop isn’t black anymore it is time to tar asphalt. Spidering: No, we’re not talking about 8-legged creatures, this is that network of fine cracks you see that are a sign it is time to sealcoat asphalt. With spidering, your driveway is more open to damage from sun, rain, snow, ice, salt, gas and oil spills. It is most certainly time to do maintenance! Water Does Not Bead: If water is not beading and rolling away, it is seeping into the surface, or even further down. Water will erode the very foundation, and in freeze-thaw...
  • A Push Blower Has You Working Smarter, Not Harder, On Driveway Prep

    Spring is here, and as the snow melts away, a push blower will make clearing the winter debris from your parking area quick and easy. All maintenance starts with clean-up, and this is especially true of pavement. It is the only way to get a good look and see what damage winter has done. Even a backpack blower will have you working smarter, not harder, on your driveway (and it’s great for the yard too!). Why Spring Cleaning Is So Crucial: This is your first chance to examine the pavement to see what damage winter has done. Cracks may have formed with the freeze and thaw cycles, and will need crackfilling to prevent further damage. Your sealcoating may need to be redone with all the salt, sand, and snow removal. Watch and see if water is beading on the surface, or seeping in to the asphalt. Beading means you’re in great shape; otherwise it’s time to sealcoat. Using a push blower or a backpack blower to clear off all the debris winter left behind will get the job done in record time, and let you see what’s underneath. Salt and sand grit have been piling up for... Continue reading

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