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  • Sealcoating near Stonewalls, Garage Doors, etc.

    A great tip to prevent from dripping or spraying sealant on places other than your customer's driveway. Use either a wood board or fiberglass board and have one of the guys helping you hold it right at the edge so you can finish the driveway right up to the wall. This will make for a clean and easy finish to your job. Make sure to always tip the board towards the waist of the person spraying so that the sealer does not get under the board or on the back of it. Use the board around the edges and spray 4 to 5 feet away from the edge. You can then finish the main body of the driveway without getting sealer all over the walls or edges. Hope this helps! Continue reading
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Giving thanks is a time-honored tradition, gathering with family and friends and speaking about what each of us is grateful for. This blog may not be the dinner table, but it is the perfect place for the giving of my thanks to you. I’m thankful for our customers. Without them, AsphaltKingdom could not exist. There are too many to thank here individually, and for that I am grateful. Most of all, I’m thrilled at the honest feedback they give us, and the constant push to be at the top of our industry. With it, we are better able to serve them. Being able to provide the best customer service is only possible with their input. I’m thankful to my staff. They are the ones who are the backbone of the business. They work hard to provide the level of service, not because I demand it, but because they know it’s the most important part of our job. They give me the feedback from customers and give me their ideas on how to make things even better. I hope each of you have more to be thankful for than you can say. From me, and from... Continue reading
  • New Addition: Asphalt Crack Repair Calculator

    Have you ever been stuck looking at a parking lot full of cracks with no idea how much material you'll need to fill them all?  There's nothing worse than only getting a job half-done because you didn't plan for the right amount of crack filler. We've been there, too, so we've created the handy Asphalt Crack Repair Calculator.  This easy-to-use calculator asks you a few simple questions, and then calculates exactly how many boxes of hot pour crackfiller you'll need to get the job done right the first time! This is a great new tool designed to help do-it-yourselfers, property repair technicians and contractors to determine exactly how much they will need to seal cracks in their driveways, parking lots, or runways. Of course, you may still have questions about the best equipment to use when you're filling cracks - melters, spreaders, and so on - so you're always welcome to call us toll-free at 1-866-399-5562.  But we hope you'll find the asphalt crack repair calculator a handy tool you can use again and again when you're preparing a driveway for sealcoating or even just sealing cracks to keep ice and snow from freezing and cracking pavement. ... Continue reading
  • Use Seal Coating Spray To Defend Your Driveway

    You know how it is, one person has their driveway done, and suddenly you notice how gray yours looks in comparison. Now you feel the need to keep up with the Jones’s. Or do you? Let us take a look at why you should use seal coating spray on your blacktop driveway. What Does The Gray Color Mean? Think of the gray in the same way as dry skin. When the sun, wind, rain, snow, salt, and sand have weathered your asphalt and dried it up, it’s in need of treatment. Left exposed to the elements, it will continue to dry and grow brittle, leading to cracks. The driveway has nothing left to protect itself, and will continue to deteriorate. How Does Seal Coating Spray Help? When you sealcoat your asphalt, you are giving it back that layer of protection. It seals the surface, protecting it from the weather elements, and keeping it water proof. Not all sealers are created equal though! Be sure to look for a commercial grade product that uses coal tar, for the highest level of protection. When Should I Sealcoat? You’ll want a clear weather forecast, with temperatures above 60... Continue reading
  • Line Striping Parking Lot Lines Adds To Your Bottom Line!

    The smartest way to expand your sealcoating business is to add line striping parking lot lines. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add to your customer base by servicing businesses. An investment in line painting equipment will reap you a larger client base, more profits, and a great professional reputation. Remember, sealcoating will cover up paint lines, so why not become the go-to company that can service all parts of asphalt maintenance – from crack filling to sealcoating to repainting parking lot lines?  Clients will love the one-stop shopping you provide and it will give you an edge over smaller sealcoaters. How much profit? You can charge $11.25 for a 45 linear foot parking stall. A case of paint will cost you $119, and cover up to 2400 linear feet. That's 53 stalls done earning you almost $600 so you earn over $475 in profit in one day. In a month? Almost $10,000 profit! Why add commercial clients? First off, commercial properties have a lot more traffic, so they need more maintenance. You will not get the opportunity to sealcoat these properties if you don’t have the capacity to put in the parking lot lines... Continue reading
  • Cleaning Asphalt For Sealcoating Success: Don’t Miss This

        Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating success is the single most important step you make. Here at Asphalt Kingdom we’re about more than just selling you the products, we want to ensure you excel at sealcoating. The key points to cleaning prep are: Clear the edges Clean all cracks Scrub the surface Remove oil stains Why are these steps so important? Without having a clean surface, the sealcoating won’t adhere properly and your work will look shoddy and unprofessional. Weeds and Grass must be removed. To protect the asphalt, remove all the grass and weeds especially around the edges. This is most efficiently done with a lawn edger. Remember, plants will break up asphalt, not just the sealcoating. Clear loose debris from cracks. Cleaning asphalt for sealcoating includes removing debris from cracks. Use a long screwdriver or a wire brush to help you with this, or a gas blower is fast, easy and effective. Scrub the surface thoroughly. Using a hose, scrub brush, or a pressure washer, thoroughly scrub the area to be sealcoated. All dirt and oil must be removed. Which brings us to: Remove oil stains. Any oil... Continue reading
  • A Trigger Gun Will Make You Trigger Happy While Sealcoating

    Silly title, I know, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Besides, there’s absolutely nothing silly about the AK Sealcoating Trigger Gun, but there’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained with it: Effective fan spray Precision control Fits any existing AK Sealcoating System models Extremely light (1.26 LBS) Faster, easier edging How exactly do those things give you satisfaction? With this kind of control, the sealcoating goes where you want it to. Edging becomes easy and fast, with a squeeze of the trigger. At just over 1 1/4 pounds, it’s not going to weigh you down, either. Faster can mean cutting corners, and who wants that? This sealcoating equipment won’t give you sealer puddles, just perfect coverage. You have speed, and quality, together. That should be enough, but it’s not. In the real world, thought has got to be put into comfort. So what if it’s lightweight if the trigger is uncomfortable? That’s why Asphalt Kingdom designed the hand grip space to allow for work gloves. A simple thing, sure, but one that saves you a lot of discomfort when using the trigger gun. This post should give you a great idea of the... Continue reading
  • Saving Time Sealcoating Increases Productivity And Profits: The Filter Kit

    By cutting down the time it takes to complete sealcoating, you gain time to increase the number of jobs your driveway sealing business can complete. It’s not only more productive, it’s more profit. That’s why Asphalt Kingdom designed the filter kit. Saves time cleaning clogs Filter cleans and installs easily Impresses clients with your speed Extends equipment life Filter kit works with Sealcoating Spray Systems AK110, AK220 and AK470 Browse Asphalt Kingdom’s sealcoating spray systems Work smarter, not harder: Cleaning clogs from the hoses eats up your time. Use the filter kit to prevent chunks of sealer and aggregate from entering the hose and get that time back. Cleans easily. Instead of having to flush and clean the entire hose of your sealcoating equipment, there is just the easily removable filter to clean. This is a huge benefit to a busy driveway sealing business, especially if your tank is used to store sealer. Impress Clients: Is there anything less impressive than cursing under your breath when the gun tip clogs? The filter kit allows you to avoid those time wasting clogs, finishing the sealcoating job smoothly and professionally. Extend the life of your... Continue reading
  • Oil Stain Remover

    As you all probably know dripping oil, grease or gasoline can be very bad on asphalt paving; they actually eat into and dissolve the asphalt. Do not remove stains from the asphalt surface with Paint Thinner, Gasoline or any other Petroleum, chemical Based products. It will burn and eat the Bitumen & Tar right out of the asphalt, leaving a sand, gravel black gooey mix that will definitely be tracked indoors and your asphalt will possibly need to be replaced. Degreaser: Using a degreaser will raise the asphalt stain from the surface and allow you to easily remove the unwanted stain with a rag, cloth or broom. It is then recommended to wash the complete driveway down which prepares it for the next sealing stage. Heat the Asphalt: Most Asphalt sealcoating specialists offer another great way to remove a stain permanently. They Heat the asphalt with a very Powerful Torch. Once the asphalt has been heated they remove the section of asphalt with a shovel. (When the asphalt is heated to high temperatures, the asphalt comes right out.) Usually cost $100 per stain! Once the asphalt has been removed they will fill... Continue reading
  • Sealing Asphalt

    Important Tips for a First Class Sealing Job * Remove all mud, vegetation, loose particles of sand and gravel, etc. WASH the entire surface to be sealed with water, brush dirty spots, rinse, and remove standing puddles of water. * Patch any depressions with whatever patching compound is required. Deep holes will require cold blacktop patch. Shallow depressions (where the blacktop has slightly eroded) can be patched with various smooth asphalt patching compounds that often have the consistency of cake icing. Be sure to follow directions, as some of these compounds might need to dry for several days before they are sealed! * Patch any cracks 1/8 inch or larger. Deep cracks should be filled with coarse sand to within 1/2 inch of the surface. Wide cracks up to 1 inch width may require special acrylic crack fillers that remain more flexible. * Remove caked up oil drippings. Clean oil spots with special oil cleaners available from sealer companies. Tough spots should have a special oil primer applied so the sealer sticks to the oil stained area. Hope this helps, Ryan Target Paving Ottawa, Canada Continue reading

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