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  • Sealcoating Marketing Decals

    Howdy! I remember when we put decals on our 18 trucks and it really made a world of difference for the marketing of the business. As you know in the sealcoating business we do a fair share of driving around from job to job and with the decals and phone number on the truck it really is rolling advertisement. We get people calling the office daily who have seen the trucks and want an estimate. We have blue trucks with gold decals that say: Imperial Asphalt Maintenance Your Local Asphalt Maintenance Specialists 402-SEAL That's all we have on the side of the trucks and it cost us $200 per truck. In other words the investment for the rolling advertisement was well worth the money AND the trucks look a hell of a lot more professional. We use our trucks strictly for work purposes so the sticker decals were our #1 choice. We do however have a new 2005 GMC Sierra that has a magnet sign that we stick to the door and can remove it at any time for personal use. This is the sales truck. Obviously the truck and magnet... Continue reading

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