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  • Avoid Asphalt Scams Simply And Easily: What You Need To Know

    Every year the police issue warnings to avoid asphalt scams, and the newspapers publish the warning. Rarely do they actually give you any idea on how to hire a reputable driveway sealing company. Let us go over exactly how to be sure that you are hiring the right people to seal asphalt, and not being taken advantage of. Make A Phone Call Or Two: Any company should have a phone number, so call it. You can tell a lot about how the phone is answered, and whether they are willing to answer your questions on how much it costs. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. The easiest way to avoid asphalt scams is to see work they have completed, and talk to their customers. Any reputable driveway sealing company will be happy to do this. Social Media Tip: If they have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website, etc. check it out. Look at the comments people have made. Also a quick internet search on the company name can tell you a lot! Myth #1: Asphalt Companies Will Never Go Door-To-Door: This is absolutely a myth. Both good, and bad, contractors will come to your door. It’s the... Continue reading

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