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Line Striping Course
Part 5: Pricing and Charging for Your Pavement Markings

In this section, we will review a general guide on how to price your work including lines, stencils, lettering and arrows.

You will need to consider two things when deciding what to charge your clients:
  1. Cost of Materials
  2. Time Spent on Job
Coverage Rates

Asphalt Kingdom recommends striping using a standard 4-inch wide line. At this width you will get 320 feet of coverage per gallon on average.

A five-gallon pail results in 35 parking stalls that have 18-foot-long lines and a 9-foot end line, or 45 parking stalls that have 18-foot-long-lines but no 9-foot connecting line.

This applies to Water-Based Traffic Paint or Oil-Based Traffic Paint regardless of color. This coverage rate varies depending on how thin or thick you apply the paint in your pavement markings.

Curbing is high-priced compared to regular line painting as you must charge to paint the riser area as well as the top part of the curb. This results in more paint being used.

Generally speaking and dependant on your local market rates, you can safely charge the following:
  • Charge between .15 cents and .30 cents a linear foot (1’ X 4”) for parking lines.
  • Stencils and pavement markings (such as handicapped signs, fire routes, and no parking zones) can be charged as a flat rate fee of $25 per stencil.
  • Curbing is charged as double per linear foot - .40 cents to .50 cents a linear foot.
For example:
Calculate the number of linear feet you have painted by adding all your 9’ stall tops and 18’ stall lengths to get a grand total.

Total the number of stencils you have done.

Add them all together and multiply the totals by the prices mentioned above or your local market rate.

Factor in the amount of time required to do the job, and add this amount to the total. You decide how much your time is worth.

It is good to note however that it is always recommended to check your local market rate before setting your prices. Some urban areas have more competitive markets then other more rural areas. Therefore, it is good to know what your competitors are charging for the same services so you can, in turn, be competitive in your market. Without this information, you could be unknowingly charging too much or too little.

To do this, we suggest calling a contractor in your local market and ask them for a quote on a job you have lined up. Make sure to mention all the same pavement markings. With this information you can decide exactly how much you would like to charge for your services.

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