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Asphalt Crack Filler

Have you got cracks in your asphalt? Besides looking like an eyesore, the cracks are also a problem for the lifespan of your asphalt.

When cracks are left unrepaired, they spread, getting both longer and deeper. They allow moisture in to the foundation of your asphalt where it freezes and expands, causing heaving and doing further damage. Seeds blow in and turn to weeds, and roots spread and develop into another source of asphalt heave. Ultimately they turn into potholes.

Extend the life of your asphalt surfaces with these few simple steps:

Step 1

Clean Debris Out Of Cracks

It's critical you remove all dirt, seeds, weeds and stems out of the cracks so that the crack filler can grab on to the foundation of the asphalt. Use a Blower, a wire bristle brush with long spikes, or a screwdriver: any of them will clean a crack 1/2" deep.

Step 2

Fill Small Cracks With Cold Crackfiller

If cracks are 1/2" deep or less, cold pour crack filler will seal them up tight. Just pour it in and then smooth away any excess filler with a squeegee.

Step 3

Fill Larger Cracks With Rubberized Crack Fill

Deeper cracks need hot pour crack filler in order to create a lasting seal. It needs to be melted before it's applied, so consider getting a melting kettle if you're sealing many cracks or several driveways.

Step 4

Apply Sand To Set The Seal

Sanding the top of wet sealer will set the seal and allow you to drive over it sooner. Use a Sandliner if you're doing several cracks - it will save time and save your back!

Step 5

Use Asphalt Seal Coat For a Finishing Touch

Get a professional-looking finish on your newly filled driveway by applying asphalt sealer. It gives the surface a rich, black, like-new look and it protects your new seals.

If your crack is deeper than 2 inches, fill it with coarse gravel to increase drainage and reduce the amount of rubberized crackfiller you'll need.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to maintain and repair asphalt with our crack filling equipment:

Repair Parking Lots with AK Packages
start your own asphalt crack repair business

Use our crackfill calculator to determine how much filler you need for your job.

Has your problem gone too far for asphalt crack filler? See our Guide to Pothole Repair. Surprisingly, you don't have to hire a big firm to come and fix potholes anymore - there are patches you can buy and use yourself - with no experience necessary - to take on pothole repair.

Crack repair is a great investment in your asphalt. Don't neglect this annual job!

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