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Asphalt Maintenance: Dealerships Choose Asphalt Kingdom

Mercedes-Benz USA: Paul Violente, Supervisor of Operations at the 13,000-spot Mercedes-Benz USA parking lot, realized that a larger and larger part of his maintenance budget was being taken up by maintaining his lots.

After watching a contractor do the work, he decided his in-house crew could do it as well - and probably at a substantial savings.

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Colonial Subaru: When Andrew Murphy Sr realized that quotes for his annual asphalt maintenance program were increasing ever year, he turned to Asphalt Kingdom for advice he could depend on.

After searching online, he realized that the price of equipment and product was roughly equal to the quotes he was getting, so he looked into having his crew do the work themselves.

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Marine Center of Las Vegas: Owner Bruce Nelson was never completely satisfied with contractors' work on his asphalt; he knew he had to do something about the many cracks that had formed on his dealership so he searched online for a solution.

He found Asphalt Kingdom and decided to get free expert advice by calling the toll-free number. After seeing how much money he could save, he decided to fill the cracks himself.

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Finding ways to stand out is especially important in automobile sale. Buildings need to be sparkling-clean, showrooms need to be bright and inviting, and when it comes to asphalt maintenance, car dealerships know their customers are looking and judging.

Dealerships at the top of their game keep up a rigorous course of parking lot repair, with the best-of-the-best repainting the stripes on their parking lot annually, and refreshing the blacktop sealcoat every second year.

We've worked with some of the most profitable car dealerships and marine dealerships in the country, helping them to find a way to keep maintenance costs down while keeping the overall appearance of their dealership top-notch.

Read a few of our case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help you with your asphalt maintenance.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz has a huge 13,000 car lot, and maintaining a high-end image is important to them.

Learn how Mercedes contacted us and figured out how to maintain their lot themselves, saving money and improving quality »

Equipment used by Mercedes-Benz USA:

PowrLiner 2850 Titan Stencil Kit Water Based Paint
PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine

Colonial Subaru Car Dealership Success Story

Colonial Subaru in New York deals with it all – rain, sleet, snow, and hot sun. Keeping their asphalt maintained was expensive but necessary.

Learn how Andrew contacted us and figured out how to save big on his annual upkeep costs »

Equipment used by Colonial Subaru:

RY10 Crack Filler AK220 Pro Trigger Wand
RY10 Asphalt Crack Fill Machine AK230 Sealcoating Sprayer
PowrLiner 2850 Titan Stencil Kit
PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine

Marine Center of Las Vegas

Marine Center of Las VegasAs the largest marine retail outlet in Las Vegas, there is a lot of property to maintain. After a long time of no asphalt maintenance, the asphalt was in dire need of crack repair.

Find out how the Marine Center fixed the cracks »

Equipment used by Marine Center of Las Vegas:

RY10 Crackfill Combo
RY10 and Pallet of Crackfill Combo

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