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Asphalt Maintenance: Churches Choose Asphalt Kingdom

First Baptist Church of Belton: When facilities manager Nathan Parr realized professional sealcoating and crack repair was too much of an expense across his church’s three parking area, 2,500-spot parking lots, he turned to the internet to find out how to do the job himself.

Find out what products and equipment he used, and what valuable resources he was able to take advantage of to do the job in-house and save money.

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Parking Lot Repairs Tool

Today’s modern large congregations come with lots of cars and need lots of parking. When it comes to asphalt maintenance, churches are often lost about what needs to be done and when.

Protecting parking areas and preserving walkways so that they remain smooth and accessible to parishioners of all ages is an ongoing challenge, and if the maintenance isn’t performed regularly, the disrepair can lead to permanent damage.

We’ve worked with churches large and small to get the right solution to their pavement maintenance needs so they can get the upkeep taken care of before it’s too late. Read our case study below, and then contact us to see how we can help your church with its asphalt maintenance needs.

First Baptist Church of Belton Success Story

First BaptistNathan Parr’s background in construction told him he needed to get busy repairing the parking lots at First Baptist, before the cracks turned into potholes or fissures.

Learn how Nathan found the products and equipment he needed to maintain his church’s asphalt »

Equipment used by First Baptist Church of Belton:

Business in a Box PowrLiner 850
Sealcoating Business Package

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