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Asphalt Maintenance: Hospitals Choose Asphalt Kingdom

Mayo Clinic: When yet another cold hard Wisconsin winter swept through Dick Grassl's parking lot, leaving signs of abuse everywhere, he decided to check online for a solution.

The Mayo clinic has a lot of parking lots and redoing them all was going to cost a fortune. Instead, after some research online, Dick found that he could have his crew do the work themselves.

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Parking Lot Repairs Tool

Hospitals need parking lots to be smooth, well-maintained, and clearly marked, so that they can function at the peak of efficiency for this ultra-critical industry.

Health care clinics understand that trust is built with clients by creating a great first impression from the first moment their patient steps out of the car.

We've worked with some of the best health care clinics in the country, helping them to create a great impression and keep it up year after year. When it comes to asphalt maintenance, hospitals and clinics choose Asphalt Kingdom for all their crack filling, sealcoating, and line striping needs.

Read a few of our case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help you with your asphalt maintenance.

Mayo Clinic Success Story

The Mayo Clinic in Wisconsin sees some very hard winters across their numerous parking lots. Fixing up the condition of the lots looked cost-prohibitive, but something had to be done.

Learn how Dick Grassl contacted us and figured out how to make repairs without breaking the bank »

Equipment used by the Mayo Clinic:

Sealcoating Package Asphalt Sealer Crack Filler
Sealcoating Business Package

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