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Asphalt Maintenance: Towns Choose Asphalt Kingdom

Carrizozo, New Mexico: When town clerk and treasurer Leann Weihbrecht realized the high cost of crack repair was going to prevent the town from keeping up maintenance standards, she turned to her foreman for help. He quickly pointed her to Asphalt Kingdom for equipment and repair advice.

Doing the work themselves was entirely possible since the town had a crew of maintenance people: all they needed was the equipment, supplies, and know-how. Find out how Asphalt Kingdom helped.

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Youngtown, Arizona: Jim Fox, public works director of Youngtown, thought the town looked tired, especially with all the faded paint lines in public parking lots and crosswalks across the town.

Jim needed help getting the proper equipment and learning how to do the job.

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Parking Lot Repairs Tool

Attracting tourists and maintaining civic pride are important jobs for any municipality, and when it comes to asphalt maintenance, towns know that keeping cracks filled and surfaces sealcoated makes everything look polished and well-cared for.

Staying on top of asphalt maintenance means that costly asphalt repairs caused by weather seeping into cracks can be avoided, and towns can save money.

We’ve worked with municipalities all across the country helping cities just like yours get solutions that allow them to do the work in-house to save time and money.

Read a few of our asphalt maintenance town help case studies below, and then contact us to see how we can help with your crack repair and sealcoating needs.

Carrizozo Success Story

Carrizozo, NM - Asphalt Maintenance TownsThe town of Carrizozo wanted to enjoy smooth-looking, well-maintained asphalt to keep up appearances for citizens and tourists alike.

Find out how doing the work in-house allowed them to maintain high standards for less money »

Equipment used by Carrizozo:

AK10 Crack Repair Combo
RY10 and Pallet of Crackfill Combo

Youngtown Success Story

It had been 10 years since any public asphalt lines in Youngtown, Arizona had been touched up with a new coat of paint. New public works director Jim Fox decided to brighten up his tired-looking town.

Read how Jim found a cost-effective way to make his town look better »

Equipment used by Youngtown:

PowrLiner 2850 with 2 spray guns
PowrLiner 2850 Line Striping Machine

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