Asphalt Kingdom Business Marketing Package

Asphalt Marketing Package

Asphalt Kingdom has now launched an asphalt marketing package that now enables you to increase your business leads and conversions for only $100. FREE! We want to help you any way we can in this tough economy. We're now giving away this valuable information absolutely free!

Whether you already have an existing sealcoating business or are looking to get started for the first time, this asphalt marketing package will help your business reach new levels.


Asphalt Marketing Package

Whether you already have an existing sealcoating business or are looking to get started for the first time, this asphalt marketing package will help your business reach new levels.

Also, if you're looking at eventually investing into one of our sealcoating spray systems you will grow your business faster with the help of the marketing package.

The Bottom Line

The marketing package leads you cleanly through the learning process.

The unlimited LIVE advice and consultation empowers you to successfully execute your sealcoating business.

Round-the-clock, free Technical Support is available, too, should you need it.

No other product, or combination of products and live advice, comes close to this complete asphalt marketing solution with outstanding testimonials and reviews and all for only $100. FREE! Customers happily gave us $100 for this course and now it can be yours absolutely free!

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The Sealcoating marketing package includes:

  • Asphalt Maintenance Flyer Template
  • Asphalt Kingdom Sealer Specs To A Tee (MSDS)
  • "Sorry We Missed You" Door Hangers With Quotation Box
  • Sales Invoice Template With Guarantee Statement At Bottom
  • Sealcoating Pictures. Before And Afters For Your Portfolio
  • Sealcoating Demo Video
  • 4 Day Asphalt Maintenance Course Sent Via Email
  • Asphalt Kingdom Strategy Guide Online


Customer Reviews

Our Customers Talk About Our Products

To Whom It May Concern:

My experience in dealing with Asphalt Kingdom has been quite positive. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Burdon's company to others interested in asphalt repair and maintenance. The service is excellent. Mr. Burdon (owner of delivers what he promises. He is very good about providing expert advice. That is why I offered to write this unsolicited recommendation.

My Central Texas ranch has about a half mile of asphalt paving badly in need of repairs. I purchased an AK10 gallon kettle applicator for asphalt crackfilling and found it to be a well designed and rugged unit - definitely worth the money. It melts the rubberized sealant and applies it smoothly. After consulting Mr. Burdon, I found that filling larger cracks with all purpose sand before topping it with hot rubberized crack sealer is economical and efficient. The kettle-applicator is easy to use, though a beginner should expect to spend an hour or so learning how to use it efficiently.

I recommend Asphalt Kingdom to others who are interested in maintaining their own asphalt roads or those interested in setting up a small asphalt maintenance business. Mr. Burdon does what he promises.

Barry Vokes
Childress Creek Ranch
China Spring, Texas

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