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Asphalt Art: AK's Top 25 Asphalt Arts And Laughs

Because asphalt is my work and my passion, I love to look at the amazing asphalt art that is out there. From linestriping humor to bollard art to pothole filling, these artists have gone the extra pavement mile to make us laugh, ogle, think, and enjoy. Nothing brightens the day better than humor that tickles your work funny-bone. Here’s our top 25 Asphalt Arts And Laughs. Enjoy!

Piano keys - pavement art Piano Keys Pavement Art

Wouldn’t this be the perfect parking lot crosswalk for a business with music lessons?

Pac-man Sidewalk Art Pac-man Sidewalk Art

Or how about this pedestrian crossing for a gaming store?

Dandelion Street Art Dandelion Street Art

These parking lot lines ending in dandelion fluff are fanciful, artistic, and open up a whole host of ideas for linestriping art.

Playful Street Graffiti Playful Street Graffiti

Can’t you just see using this idea in your next parking lot job like this? For instance at the exit when there’s multiple check out lanes would be perfect.

3D Street Art 3D Street Art

This is an intersection where it’s impossible to miss the crossing, and looks great too.

No Parking Sharks No Parking Sharks

What better way to mark a no-parking zone than with sharks, using fin-bollards?

Sidewalk Art Sidewalk Art

Never would have imagined a coughing sewer drain, but what a fun way to mark it.

3D Chalk Art 3D Chalk Art

Ever had someone walk across your linestriping? Here’s a way to make it look like it was done on purpose!

Asphalt Cracks as Tree Branches for Owls Asphalt Cracks Street Art

Crack repair turned into a tree for owls, turning a useful repair into art!

Barbed Wire Crosswalk Art Barbed Wire Crosswalk Art

A pedestrian crossing protected by barbed wire; hard-to-miss safety for a cross-walk.

Mr Clean Crosswalk Mr Clean Crosswalk

When one line is brighter than the others, give Mr. Clean the credit!

Wall art Weed Wall Art

That’s one way to deal with a weed: turn it into a creative Eve image.

Chalk Art Chalk Art

Watch out for #5, that’s the square you skip…

3D Street Art on Asphalt Cracks 3D Street Art on Asphalt Cracks

Seems like every artist has a funny take on asphalt cracks, better keep an eye on this one.

3D Street Art in a Parking Lot 3D Street Art in a Parking Lot

Wonder if anyone actually picks this spot to park in? Brilliant 3D art!

Swimming on the Street - 3D Street Art Swimming on the Street - 3D Street Art

Now I’ve seen everything, not just watch for cyclists and pedestrians, but now swimmers?

3D Chalk Art 3D Chalk Art

Now that’s a unique way to mark the pole; no one will be walking into this one.

Found Objects in Asphalt Found Objects in Asphalt

Some artists use their camera to show everyday objects found in asphalt, what a great idea as a hobby in our line of work. (Photo credit: Mike Mission)

Asphalt Art Asphalt Art

You spin me right round baby with this asphalt art installation.

Pothole Repair with Yarn Pothole Repair with Yarn

I’ve heard of darning socks, but knitting potholes and crackfilling with yarn?

Painted Bollards Painted Bollards

Bollards are a big part of asphalt.

Kurt Wenner Street Art Kurt Wenner Street Art

When it comes to 3D pavement art, Kurt Wenner is the one to watch, and will fool your eyes completely.

Wenner 3D Street Art Wenner 3D Street Art

Wenner’s images pop right out of the pavement in unbelievable detail, and you can almost hear the pounding of hooves.

We can’t be the only ones to love this stuff, share with us your finds of asphalt arts and laughs!

5 thoughts on “Asphalt Art: AK's Top 25 Asphalt Arts And Laughs”

  • God job putting these together guys. I've see lots of sidewalk art with chalk posts around, but never one on asphalt with other types of art too. Is the one of the guy swimming Photoshop art?

    • Yes, that one is. Most of them aren't though. Some pretty amazing asphalt artists out there- digital or otherwise!

      Here's a cool video with Mario Kart as 3D Chalk Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKQYehm68m0

  • Sergio Freddson February 9 at 5:24 pm

    These are some fantastic pieces of art! I think the way these artists take advantage of perspective is amazing. I've only seen one piece of art like this in person and it was absolutely amazing. I lay asphalt (which is a work of art all its own), but I really do appreciate people that can make such beautiful artwork on the asphalt we lay. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  • Eliza Cranston October 26 at 10:29 am

    These are fun and sometimes beautiful ways to use pavement as art! I really love the dandelion parking spaces. I'm having my asphalt parking lot repaved and I wonder if I could get them to do a similar design?

  • Ian Johanson January 14 at 9:13 am

    Thanks for posting pictures of all of this cool asphalt art. I am kind of shocked by how good a lot of it was and how much some of them, like the Mr Clean crosswalk made me laugh. It makes me wish I saw more of it around town. I really want to see a lot of these, especially the swimmer in the street in person.

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