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For Successful Line Striping You Need To Use Bitumen Paint

Not all things are equal, and this is especially true when line striping after you sealcoat. Commercial-grade bitumen paint is specifically made for use on asphalt, and gives you a long-lasting, professional-looking, and successful result. Chipping, fading, peeling, and flaking are hallmarks of a job done with a product that is not designed as traffic paint.

Needs To Hold Up To Traffic

The whole purpose of painting parking lots is to clearly mark the directions, stalls, fire lanes, etc. It’s pointless if what you use is quickly worn away by the cars driving over the area.  Roads and parking lots are by their very nature, heavily used by cars, trucks, and people. If the product you use for line striping is not meant for asphalt, you will get premature peeling and wear. Bitumen paint is specially formulated to adhere and last. After you sealcoat, you are expecting this to last for 2 years before you need to reapply, so it’s well worth the time to source the proper product for the job.

Add-Ons Work Best With The Right Product

Whether you need to add Safe-Step Grit to prevent slipping or Hi-Visibility Glass Beads for maximum reflectivity, these are both add-ons that work best with commercial grade traffic paint. Your successful line marking depends on these additions staying put, and not chipping and peeling off the asphalt. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with water-based or oil-based, as long as it’s designed for use with these essential traffic paint add-ons.

After you sealcoat, guarantee your line striping job looks professional, is successful, and will be long-lasting. Do your homework, and choose bitumen paint designed to stand up to heavy traffic use.

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