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  • Priming your Sealcoat Spray System

    It’s very important to prime your sealcoat spray system for a variety of reasons; to keep your unit in top shape, avoid blockages and keep it running smoothly. Here are the best ways to do so. Whether you have the AK Drum Spray System, the AK Tote Spray System, or the AK130 Residential Sealcoat Sprayer, we’ve got you covered. We suggest first getting an understanding of your unit by doing a practice run with water, to see how the sprayer feels, primes and works. From there you’ll be able to get to work with a more viscous material, (a thicker liquid with higher viscosity) like sealer, and avoid making mistakes that you might without doing a practice run. At the end of your job you can also flush your unit as well, by running water through your pump. Stick the suction port hose of your unit that connects to the side of your pump, into water and run your unit on re-circulation position. This will spit water out of the return feed coming out of the top of the pump, out of the hose and will dump it back in the water source. This will flush your unit out and...
  • Learn How To Tackle Winter Asphalt Maintenance And Why It Is Important

    Winter Asphalt Maintenance Winter asphalt maintenance must include patching potholes. A couple of months ago we covered Pothole Patrol: Spotlight On Cities That Give You A Way To Report Dangerous Asphalt but what are you doing about your blacktop? Having a gaping hole on your driveway or parking lot is just as dangerous to passers-by, vehicles, and snow removal equipment. As if that is not enough, the costly damage to your pavement from snow, ice, freeze-thaw cycles, shovels, and plows will bring a frighteningly high spring repair bill. There is an easy fix, no worries, here’s what to do! Cold Asphalt Patch is easy to use for anyone: homeowner, property manager, or sealcoating professional. This is not your old-school patching potholes material; this is state-of-the-art and engineered to last. Plus it’s a winter asphalt maintenance task that can be completed no matter the outside temperature. Equipment Needed Chisel or Large Flat-Head Screwdriver Hammer Coarse Gravel (not round, pea gravel) Cold Asphalt Patch Plywood Already you can see this is a job that doesn’t require you to have all kinds of specialized equipment! However, an asphalt concrete saw can certainly make step 2 easier. 5 Steps For Applying The Patch Clear out ice and...
  • Top Asphalt Producers: Pictorial Representation

    We admit it. . . we spend a lot of time thinking about asphalt here at Asphalt Kingdom! So when we read the recent UN report on asphalt, we found ourselves surprised by a few factoids, and figured we'd better get right to making up a picture or two to share the information with you. For instance, you probably guessed as we did that the US produces the most asphalt of any single country around the world . . . but do you know who comes in second place? And what about the percentage of asphalt produced for roads, asphalt driveways and asphalt parking lots, versus the amount produced for roofs? Check out the answers in the graphic below! The Leading Asphalt Producers - An infographic by the team at The Leading Asphalt Producers Embed The Leading Asphalt Producers Visualized on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below The Leading Asphalt Producers Visualized - An infographic by the team at Asphalt Kingdom

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