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  • Asphalt Welding: A Great Money-Maker

    If you have an asphalt sealcoating business, you can make even more money through a simple little service offering. Let's face it: you're already going to driveways and parking lots and you're already doing the crack filling and the seal coating. I want to teach you another little piece that you can actually profit from tremendously. Asphalt welding is a really simple service offering. Here is how it goes: municipalities and different townships repave streets every several years. They cut out the curbs or they lay in new curbs. And while they do that, they cut out the bottom footing of the driveway, the residential driveways. They cut back usually 6 to 10 feet. Well, what happens is, they repave that area once they redo the street, and when they repave it, you end up with a big black new strip of smooth, brand new asphalt. It looks very, very strange when it's butting up against the old oxidized gray asphalt of driveways that are the existing driveways. You'll get that seam where the new asphalt meets the old asphalt, that one seam that runs across the driveway allows water to get in, freeze and expand cause further damage or...
  • Avoid Asphalt Scams Simply And Easily: What You Need To Know

    Avoid Asphalt Scams: Hire A Reputable Sealcoating Company Every year the police issue warnings to avoid asphalt scams, and the newspapers publish the warning. Rarely do they actually give you any idea on how to hire a reputable driveway sealing company. Let us go over exactly how to be sure that you are hiring the right people to seal asphalt, and not being taken advantage of. Make A Phone Call Or Two: Any company should have a phone number, so call it. You can tell a lot about how the phone is answered, and whether they are willing to answer your questions on how much it costs. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. The easiest way to avoid asphalt scams is to see work they have completed, and talk to their customers. Any reputable driveway sealing company will be happy to do this. Social Media Tip: If they have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website, etc. check it out. Look at the comments people have made. Also a quick internet search on the company name can tell you a lot! Myth #1: Asphalt Companies Will Never Go Door-To-Door: This is absolutely a myth. Both good, and bad, contractors will come to...
  • How To Care For Sealcoating Machines

    Sealcoating machines are your most important tool for caring for asphalt, so you must make time to maintain your sealcoating equipment to ensure it will continue to operate at the high standard you demand. As with any machinery, there are important parts that require maintenance, or you run the risk having to stop to repair or replace parts just when you need your seal coating machines the most: in the middle of a job. When And Why Should You Empty The Sealer Tank? Most importantly you must empty the tank before you shut down for the season to winterize your equipment. However, any time you won’t be using your sealcoating machines for a few days, it is far better to store the sealant in air-tight drums, rather than in the tank, to keep it from hardening and spoiling. At that point it’s great maintenance of your seal coating machines to wash out the tank with water, and run it with water in the system, to prevent hard chunks from forming on the sides. Time-Saving Tip: Installing a filter kit is a great way to keep your spray system running smoothly. Inspect Your Hoses Daily Your sealcoating equipment depends most heavily...
  • Asphalt Sealing: How To Do It Groupon-Style And Save Money

    asphalt sealing groupon-styleAsphalt sealing is your best way to maintain your blacktop so it stays firm, intact, and water repellent for years to come. Why not do it Groupon-style and get the very best in quality and the very best in savings. Here are three different ways to pool your buying power with others to get your sealcoating done, while saving money. Plus, we show you some great group-forming ideas.
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  • Hurricane Sandy - Our Thoughts Are With You

    At Asphalt Kingdom, our thoughts are with those families who were so deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. Below is a snippet of the path of destruction that Sandy had left and what's ahead in terms of repairing and reconstructing the millions of lives that were affected.  
  • Great New Asphalt Kingdom Clothing Available!

    Brrrr! Sure is getting cold in the mornings in the North East! Perfect time to pull on one of our new Asphalt Kingdom long-sleeved shirts! We've selected a variety of high-cotton quality clothes you can wear on the job site or going door-to-door to drum up more business! Choose from sweats, tees, tanks and more. Check out the full Asphalt Kingdom Clothing Store here!
  • Top Asphalt: Is It Time To Repave Or Repair?

    Should you top asphalt on your blacktop parking lot or driveway with a fresh coat of paving, or repair it? This is the big money question that people want to know the answer to. And not by asking someone who stands to make a lot of money by saying it is time for a repave! So how can you tell with your own two eyes? Look at the damage, step-by-step, like this: Potholes are the number one reason people tend to think it’s time to repave or replace, and this simply is not the case. If there is still a good solid base (foundation), this type of damage is easy to repair with a cold asphalt patch. Now if your parking area is more potholes than paving, or if the foundation is in bad shape all over, then it is time to repave. Depressions and ruts in the blacktop are another big reason people feel the need to replace. You can top asphalt with that same asphalt patch to fill those ruts and depressions. You simply apply the patch and tamp it down. Use a piece of plywood, bottom side lightly oiled, and drive over it. No fancy tamping...
  • Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment: Learn How To Single Out What You Need

    Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment Asphalt sealcoating equipment comes in such a wide selection it can be hard to single out what you actually need. The simplest way to choose is to think through the steps of the job and which sealcoat equipment will work best for you. A do it yourself’er will have simpler needs than a property manager or a business owner, but the job remains the same. Here is your blacktop maintenance check list. Prep Work Items: Look, all you really need is a broom and a hose to get the pavement clean of dirt and debris. So why on earth would you need anything more? One reason is to save time. Gas blowers will do the work in a fraction of the time. Another reason is that they are useful for clearing yards as well as pavement. This is single-handedly the most overlooked item in sealcoat equipment, and one of the biggest time-savers, especially for property managers and business owners. Asphalt sealcoating equipment: Again, all you need is a squeegee or a brush to spread the pavement sealer. If you are a do-it-yourself’er you can get the job done without anything more than that. Let’s face it...
  • Asphalt Top Coat: Learn How To Protect Your Pavement

    Asphalt top coat is what you need to protect your pavement from the elements and learning how to do it is easy. Now, you may ask why this driveway maintenance is necessary, after all the blacktop is intended for the outdoors, right? True, but just like paint, the great outdoors wears away the surface and it needs to be touched up to protect it. Let’s learn how to do the job yourself in 4 easy steps. Step One: How To Tell If It’s Time Fresh and new it should look black and glossy. If what you’re seeing is grey, dry, and brittle, it is definitely time! And just so you know, water should bead and roll off, not soak into the surface. Step Two: Driveway Maintenance Prep Work For the asphalt top coat to work, you need a clean, dry, warm surface. So get out that broom, or even better a pressure washer, and thoroughly clean the surface. Seal any cracks with crack filler after it dries. Clean any stains from fuel with a degreaser specifically formulated for asphalt (other cleaners can eat away at your pavement as badly as fuel spills). Check your weather forecast and make sure...
  • For Successful Line Striping You Need To Use Bitumen Paint

    Not all things are equal, and this is especially true when line striping after you sealcoat. Commercial-grade bitumen paint is specifically made for use on asphalt, and gives you a long-lasting, professional-looking, and successful result. Chipping, fading, peeling, and flaking are hallmarks of a job done with a product that is not designed as traffic paint. Needs To Hold Up To Traffic The whole purpose of painting parking lots is to clearly mark the directions, stalls, fire lanes, etc. It’s pointless if what you use is quickly worn away by the cars driving over the area.  Roads and parking lots are by their very nature, heavily used by cars, trucks, and people. If the product you use for line striping is not meant for asphalt, you will get premature peeling and wear. Bitumen paint is specially formulated to adhere and last. After you sealcoat, you are expecting this to last for 2 years before you need to reapply, so it’s well worth the time to source the proper product for the job. Add-Ons Work Best With The Right Product Whether you need to add Safe-Step Grit to prevent slipping or Hi-Visibility Glass Beads for maximum reflectivity, these are both add-ons...

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