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Saving Time Sealcoating Increases Productivity And Profits: The Filter Kit

Filter Kit

By cutting down the time it takes to complete sealcoating, you gain time to increase the number of jobs your driveway sealing business can complete. It’s not only more productive, it’s more profit. That’s why Asphalt Kingdom designed the filter kit.

Work smarter, not harder: Cleaning clogs from the hoses eats up your time. Use the filter kit to prevent chunks of sealer and aggregate from entering the hose and get that time back.

Cleans easily. Instead of having to flush and clean the entire hose of your sealcoating equipment, there is just the easily removable filter to clean. This is a huge benefit to a busy driveway sealing business, especially if your tank is used to store sealer.

Impress Clients: Is there anything less impressive than cursing under your breath when the gun tip clogs? The filter kit allows you to avoid those time wasting clogs, finishing the sealcoating job smoothly and professionally.

Extend the life of your sealcoating equipment! Finally, and I think most importantly, you will be saving a lot of wear and tear on your hose by reducing the number of times you’re forced to unroll and roll to clean it.

As always, ease of use is integral to Asphalt Kingdom.

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