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Bulk Paint

Bulk Paint


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Bulk Paint

Quick Overview

High quality water or oil based paint on skids for all your line striping needs.
Call 1-866-399-5562 for a Quote

Oil or water based paint in white, yellow, or blue, available on skids for bulk purchases. Save money by order in quantity!

The Bottom Line

Parking lot arrowsGet your line striping paint in bulk by buying our skids. Call 1-866-399-5562 and talk to one of our line striping experts toll-free. We'll help you pick between water or oil based paint, depending on the type of job you're doing, and give you a quote. Both types of paint are available in white, yellow, or blue.

All of our bulk paints work on asphalt and concrete surfaces and provide a long-lasting finish.

Paint Calculator

How many feet will you be striping?
What kind of paint will you be using?
Gallons needed for this job
Containers needed for this job
Total cost for paint used on this job
Amount of paint unused in the last container

Water Based Paint
Viscosity in Krebs Units 75-85
Weight Per Gallon 13.4 minimum
Total Solids % By Weight: 75% minimum
% By Volume: 58% minimum
Weight % Pigment Solids 58-63%
White Reflectance (Y value) 84 minimum
Yellow Reflectance (Y value) 50 minimum
VOC in grams per liter 100 maximum
Weight per gallon 13.4 minimum
MSDS Find MSDS here.
Oil Based Paint
Viscosity @ 77°f: 90 - 110 Ku 90 - 110 Ku
Weight Per Gallon @ 77°f, Lb: 12.8 +/- 0.2 12.9 +/- 0.2
Pigment % By Weight: 59.0 Maximum 59.1 Maximum
Total Solids % By Weight: 72.0 Minimum 72.0 Minimum
Non Vol. Vehicle % By Weight Of Vehicle: 36.0 Minimum 36.0 Minimum
Directional Reflectance 80% Minimum 50% Minimum
Opacity, 10 Mil 0.98 Minimum 0.98 Minimum
V.O.C. 3.32 Lb/gal 3.34 Lb/gal
(398.28 G/liter) (400.46 G/liter)
Clean-up Solvents Toluene, Methyl-ethyl Ketone Or Equivalent

Download the Material Data Safety Sheet for the oil based paint

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Bulk Paint Purchase our high quality line striping bulk paint on skids to make sure you have plenty of paint for your line painting jobs. BP0-003 Bulk Paint
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