Why Fix Your Own Parking Lot?

Every year, hundreds of businesses just like yours contact us
with the same questions. Find out how we can help you
save money by maintaining your own parking lot.
Save Thousands — It’s Easy
To Do It Yourself!
We Teach You How To Do It. We Send you Everything You Need (Shipped Free)

Does this sound like you?

“I need to repair my parking lot as it has some cracks and is looking pretty rough. Do you think I can repair it myself? How to I fix the cracks? Potholes? How do I make it look again? What equipment do I need? How much supplies do I need? How much can I save? I just got a quote from a contractor and it is much higher than I want to pay. Can you help me?”


We’ve helped thousands of clients just like you. Mayo Clinic, Mercedes-Benz, U-Haul, Subaru, Popeye's Chicken and others have all saved thousands with Asphalt Kingdom. You can too!

Let Us Provide You With The Solution,
Great Service and Guaranteed Savings.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years: We have FREE information and videos that show you how the work gets done, we offer FREE phone and email consulting and we also supply the best ‘commercial’ grade supplies, tools and equipment to get the job done right — shipped FREE to your door. Our recommendations are based on the size of your project and if you need to crack repair, sealcoat or even line stripe.
Cracked Asphalt Fixed Cracks
Unsealed Lot Sealed Lot

How Much Can I Save?

The average commercial parking lot is about 25,000 square feet. You will SAVE approximately $5,000.00 doing the work yourself and it will take you less than 1 week. The larger the job, the more you SAVE!