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Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw

Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw


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  • Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw

Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw

Quick Overview

The Husqvarna K970 cut off saw is an all-round cutter for concrete and asphalt.

If you are working in construction and concrete, then you need to make sure you have the right equipment for your work. One of the pieces of equipment you need is a quality power cutter, such as this Husqvarna K970 Power Cutter. It is a perfect all-round cutter that is highly durable, reliable, powerful, and still lightweight. You will soon see that this piece of equipment has a substantial number of benefits that could help to make it a great choice for you.

This is a very durable and long-lasting machine that can work well even in tough environments and various climates. It is a fantastic choice for roadwork, when used with the trolley system. The blade diameter for the Husqvarna K970 Power Cutter is 14”, and the maximum cutting depths is 5”. This is a 6.5-horsepower machine, and it weighs only 24.3lbs. It also offers a range of benefits and features.

The machine provides easy and optimal belt tensioning, and it is built to increase the service interval range. The design of the carburetor, cylinder, and ignition system, along with the machine’s air purge and decompression valve help to make sure you have an easy start every single time you turn on the machine.

The Husqvarna K970 Power Cutter can cut close to the ground and close to walls thanks to the reversible cutting arm. You can change the blade guard position easily, and it will fit a range of blade bushings. The machine also has an anti-vibration system in the handles. This means they will be easier to hold, and it will be more comfortable to use the power cutter for long periods. The wet cutting kit uses less water and slurry, which reduces waste. It can adjust the water to just what you need.

This power cutter works well for those in construction and the asphalt business thanks to these and other benefits it offers.

Max cutting depth 5"
Max blade diameter 14"
Arbor diameter 0.8"
Max blade thickness 0.2"
Output power 6.5 hp
Weight 24.3 lbs
Dimensions 26.02" L x 8.43" W x 17.48" H

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Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw The Husqvarna K 970 cut off saw is a perfect all-round cutter no matter the conditions. Buy today and get free shipping on the Husqvarna 967283701. 967283701 Husqvarna K970 Cut Off Saw 1639.95 Asphalt Kingdom