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Line Striping Course
Introduction: The Asphalt Kingdom Line Striping Course

Whether you are looking to add line striping to your current business, start your own line striping business or interested in learning how to line stripe your properties yourself you have come to the right place!

Looking to add line striping to your current business?

As a contractor you know how important it is to get in, get the job done and get out, all the while making money.  By adding line striping to your current seal coating business you are offering your clients a valuable, much needed service.  You are their one stop shop.  

As a business owner you will increase your daily income as well as build up your company for years to come. 

Starting your own business?

More and more, individuals are realizing that the best job security can be found in establishing their own business where they can directly reap the financial rewards of dedication and hard work.

One of the most promising, growth industries to start a business in is line striping and maintenance. Many budding entrepreneurs are quickly discovering that owning their own company that specializes in line striping can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative.

Work part time on the weekends to bring in extra money or develop a full time schedule, all the while working for yourself and making a good hard earned income.

If you enjoy working outdoors and want to run your own business this is just for you!

Interesting in saving thousands of dollars and doing the job yourself?

Learn everything you need to know about line striping your own properties and how you can save thousands of dollars by completing it accurately and efficiently yourself.  You will be a line striping expert in no time and be able to save thousands of dollars.

Through this course we will show you everything you need to know about line striping.  Line striping is a straightforward trade that takes minimal skill.  If you are enthusiastic, committed and willing to learn you will be a successful line striper in no time. 

This course will explain the ins and outs of striping as well as:
  • Products and equipment
  • Job preparation
  • Types of Line Striping
  • Cleanup and Maintaining your Equipment
  • Pricing and charging
  • Sales and techniques
  • Client maintenance program

Line Stripers

Line Striper
Line Striping Package

PowrLiner 850
PowrLiner 850
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