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Manual Agitation Unit

Manual Agitation Kit


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  • Manual Agitation Unit Manual Agitation Unit
  • Manual-Agitation-Unit Manual-Agitation-Unit

Manual Agitation Kit

Quick Overview

17-inch long paddles combine with the 2-inch flow port to mix the whole tank.
Out of stock
1 Year Warranty!

To get the best sealcoating results possible, it is important to have a manual agitation system. This will ensure the sealcoating material in your tank is properly mixed so that it gets applied in a uniform coat. This step is so important that many sealcoat manufacturers won’t sell you their products in bulk or warranty their sealcoat if your system lacks a manual agitation mechanism.

A manual agitation system is especially important when you are using asphalt sealers since this material is water-based. If asphalt sealer isn’t mixed properly, the water will separate and rise to the top of the sealer, leaving the heavier components such as the bitumen to settle at the bottom of your tank. In this situation, you run the risk of pumping solids and potential damage to the pump and spray gun. Choosing a manual agitation system when sand is used in your sealcoating mixture will also ensure that the sand is kept in suspension throughout the application of your sealcoat and reduce the buildup of sand at the bottom of your tank.

Manual agitation utilizes a paddle crank system to stir your sealcoating material. They are very easy to use – simply turn the crank at the end of the tank.

At Asphalt Kingdom, our manual agitation kit uses 17-inch long paddles combined with the 2-inch flow port to mix the whole tank. It works with our AK110, AK220, AK470 Sealcoating Spray Systems.

The Bottom Line

Use this manual agitation unit to keep your sealer mixed and ready. If you don't use your sealer regularly, or if you buy inexpensive sealer, the product can clump up and sit on the bottom of your tank, like pulp in the bottom of a carton of orange juice. The manual agitation unit sweeps the clumps up and blends them into the sealer again, providing you with smooth product that flows easily through your pump.

Weight: 150lbs

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Manual Agitation Kit Our Manual Agitation Unit uses 17 inch paddles to keep sealcoat mixed and ready. PC00459AK Manual Agitation Kit 649 Asphalt Kingdom