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Measuring Wheel

Measuring Wheel - Small

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Starting at: $60.00
Our deluxe measuring wheels come in two sizes and make measuring driveways and parking lots fast and easy.

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Small Measuring Wheel


Medium Measuring Wheel


Our deluxe measuring wheel makes short work out of measuring your driveway or parking lot. Forget being stuck on the job site without enough seal coat or crack filler - you'll always get the right amount of product when you know the dimensions!

Choose from the 12" Plastic model (weighing less than two pounds!) or the 36" model.

The 12-inch model’s handle telescopes from 17 inches to fit into a toolbox or briefcase up to 38 inches to measure with out bending.

Both are five-digit, easy-to-read measuring wheels that will measure up to 9,999 feet without needing a reset - nearly two miles!

12-inch measuring wheel model

  • Suitable for indoors or short runs
  • Single Wheel
  • Telescoping handle goes from 17" to 38"

36-inch measuring wheel model

  • ABS Wheel
  • Three-spoke design
  • Curved, telescoping handle

12 inch Wheel : 4.5" x 38" 2lbs

36 inch Wheel : 12" x 33" 5lbs

Measuring Wheel Stop messing around with surveyors tapes and get fast, accurate measurements with our measuring wheels. Free shipping and no taxes in the US. 001-MW_group Measuring Wheel 60 105 Asphalt Kingdom
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