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Sandliner Pro Back Pack


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  • Sandliner-Pro-Back-Pack Sandliner-Pro-Back-Pack
  • Sandliner-Pro-Back-Pack Sandliner-Pro-Back-Pack
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  • professional-sand-spreaders professional-sand-spreaders
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Sandliner Pro Back Pack

Quick Overview

These sand spreaders comfortably distribute the weight of the sand (up to 50 lb capacity)
Out of stock

Sand spreaders capable of holding up to 50 lbs for fast and easy sand application over hot pour crack fill.

The Bottom Line

The SandLiner Pro is the newest model in the SandLiner family.  After a very successful season with the basic hand held SandLiner, the engineers developed a larger capacity, lower fatigue model that is geared towards larger operations.

Since this Back Pack SandLiner Pro lets you carry up to 50lbs of sand, you’re spending your time sanding, instead of refilling with sand over and over again. Now that’s productivity!

This unique and patented design distributes the weight evenly over the whole of your back and waist, to reduce the stress to your shoulders and hands. With that level of comfort, you can work longer easily and productively.

The Features Of The Back Pack SandLiner Pro are:

  • This spreader has the largest capacity design
  • Setting inserts are threaded, making it easy to change them
  • Constructed of durable injection molding
  • Back pack is equipped with a built-in stand
  • Spreading wand is easy to maneuver for comfort and speed
  • Capacity is rated for up to 50 pounds of sand
  • Ergonomic design of the back pack (patented) spreads the weight on your back to take it off your shoulders and arms
  • Engineered for tackling large scale projects that can’t be slowed down to stop and refill the spreader
  • Gravity works to deliver the sand to the wand so you’ll have a continuous feed of sand

Read more about why sanding crack filler is a good idea.

Dimensions of Sandliner 22" tall x 13" wide x 7" deep
Dimensions of Wand (packaged separately) 26" x 4" x 4"
Weight (empty) 13 lbs
Capacity Up to 50 lbs of sand

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Sandliner Pro Back Pack These professional sand spreaders have a capacity of 50 lbs, letting you spread sand on hot pour crack fill quickly and easily! Free shipping and no sales tax. T7402 Sandliner Pro Back Pack 345 Asphalt Kingdom