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Affordable, Starter Asphalt Spray Systems (Entry-Level)


Starter Sprayers for sealcoating

Our affordable asphalt spray systems are the perfect way to start your own asphalt sealing business. These entry level spray systems are affordable yet effective machines that will help you get started sealcoating with professional results! You need to have the reliable tools to get your company up and running, while being cautious about how much you invest. A starter spray system gives you the capacity to produce quality results for a minimal outlay. Perfect for students as a summer business and those who want to start their journey to financial independence. Do you need help picking out your sprayer? You can ask our experts for free advice at 1-866-399-5562 or on our online contact form.

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AK275 Tote Sealcoating Spray System

This sealcoating spray system sprays and mixes sealer from 275 gallon totes.


AK130 Residential Sealcoating Machine

130 Gallon Sealcoating Machine For Spraying Asphalt Sealer. Free Shipping!


Asphalt Repair Bundle

A spray system plus crackfill melter-applicator made for large lanes or parking lots.



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So You Want To Start Sealcoating

When you want to start sealcoating, turn to Asphalt Kingdom for all the equipment, supplies, and knowledge you need to become a successful sealcoater. First, you can sign up for our free course on asphalt sealing and check out our online guides This shows you just how simple it is to use an entry level system and start your very own business.

Are you ready to dive in and purchase your first starter spray system? Here’s what you need to know:

The AK2200-B is a great beginner set-up because it lets you spray directly from the drums of sealer—no need to transfer sealer into tanks. This is as uncomplicated as it gets! You get started right away with the most affordable asphalt spray system and begin earning immediately.

The AK2200-T is similar, but it gives you more coverage because it sprays from totes instead of drums. This allows you to spray longer without switching drums. Just fill the tote and get sealcoating.

If you want to portray more professionalism, you can opt for the AK Gladiator. You will never outgrow this machine. As you expand your company by hiring employees and buying a more powerful spray system, you’ll continue to use the Gladiator to do twice as many jobs in a day.

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Affordable, Starter Asphalt Spray Systems (Entry-Level)
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