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Pothole Patch Repair Equipment & Machines


Offering full service to your customers is always better than losing the job to another company that does. The beauty of the pothole patch business is that it’s simple to do, and has the biggest effect on improving asphalt. With the right tools you can take a major chuck hole, fill it, and repair the pavement. Not only is this a visually dramatic improvement, it extends the life of the pavement. Filling a pothole is not just visual / life-extending, it saves wear on vehicles using the parking area. This is especially important when you want to get parking lot contracts for shopping malls, apartment complexes, schools, and more.

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Pothole Repair Asphalt Patch - Full Pallet / 56 Bags

Pothole repair year round with this easy-to-use cold asphalt mix. 56 bags/full pallet.


Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags

Our rapid-setting three-step Asphalt Patch lets you repair potholes in any season.


Cold Asphalt Patch

50lb bag of Cold Asphalt Patch for all-season asphalt patching. Patch 4 sq feet / bag.


Residential Asphalt Patching Package

The equipment you need to start a professional residential asphalt patch business.




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What Do You Need In Pothole Repair Equipment?

There are a few important steps to execute a professional, long-lasting pothole patch. First is to prep the area by squaring up the edges (round patches tend to pop out). For that, you need an asphalt saw specifically engineered for the job. Remember, it’s always a good idea to angle your cuts so the bottom is slightly wider than the top to help lock in the patch.

Cleaning out the debris and adding gravel/sand mix to maintain the foundation is something you already do with crack repair. That’s equipment you already have!

For the hot asphalt you need a way to keep it hot, so a hot box with torches is needed. Don’t forget you’ll want a lute to rake and apply the patching material.

Finally, a tamper is one of the most important of the pothole repair equipment required. Proper compression of the patch ensures there won’t be sagging later. Customers will not be happy if they end up with a depression in their pavement after you’ve ‘fixed’ it!

That’s all there is to adding pot hole repair to the services you offer. Now you have the freedom to go after the big clients with parking lots and grow your company and bottom line.

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Pothole Patch Repair Equipment & Machines
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