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High Paying Summer Jobs For Teens

If you’re a teenager and your parents are asking (or forcing!) you to get a job, you may be thinking about starting at a fast food restaurant or babysitting. The typical summer jobs for teens aren’t very fulfilling or helpful to your resume. What if you were able to start your own business, where you choose the hours, you can work with your friends, and you can earn a lot of money?

It’s not just a dream – it’s possible with Asphalt Kingdom’s start your own business packages. Our experts help people with their asphalt businesses every day. Just take Henry for example.

Henry: A Teenage Entrepreneur

Earn money from summer jobs for teens

Henry is 16 years old, and his parents invested in a customized equipment bundle including everything he needs for a successful asphalt business:

  • An AK10 Crackfill Melter Applicator
  • Ryno Brushes to clean cracks
  • Gas backpack blowers
  • Gladiator Spray System
  • PowrLiner 850 for line striping
  • Rubberized Crackfiller and Asphalt Sealer

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Henry's First Job

Summer Jobs for Teens Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom, helped Henry with his first job: a full maintenance work-up on an office park’s parking area. Henry had never done any type of asphalt maintenance before, but here he was filling cracks, sealcoating, and line striping for the very first time. You can learn how to do this too with our free asphalt maintenance course sent straight to your e-mail.

Henry worked with two of his friends, so preparation went much faster: his buddies cleaned the asphalt cracks and Henry filled in the cracks right after with our crack repair machine. While most of asphalt maintenance is one-person, there are certain operations that can be done by two people. When sealcoating, for example, one person sprays the sealer while another person moves the hose out of the way and makes sure it doesn’t kink. If your line striper has 2 paint guns, two people can paint stencils at the same time.

Your friends can work with you and make money at the same time. By starting your own business, you would be considered the boss. If you bring your friends in to your business as helpers, you would be managing other people. Can you imagine putting “Owner and Manager” on your resumé before you’ve even graduated college?

Photos of the Job

Two teens working on an asphalt jobAsphalt maintenance for teensRepaired and sealcoated parking lot

Watch Henry paint perfect parking lot lines for his first job!

How Much You Can Earn

Now let’s talk about money!

Sealcoating Business Package

The equipment and products aren’t free, but people have been finding that they get the return on their investment quickly. Our Business in a Box requires an investment of less than $4500 for US customers, and includes the items you need to repair 1400 linear feet of cracks and sealcoat 40 four-car driveways. If you charge $1 per linear feet of crack repair and $125 each driveway, you would earn $6400.

If you’re on summer break, you can do 4-5 driveways a day; if you do 25 driveways in a week (5 driveways x 5 days), you can get back your investment in 2 weeks! After that, you can get more crackfiller and asphalt sealer, and keep making profit.

If you decide to keep going with your sealcoating business year after year, you’ll build your reputation and your client base. You can also add a line striper to your equipment set, allowing you to do jobs for parking lots and even athletic fields.

With all of this money, you can save up for college or invest in more equipment and supplies. You may even expand your business to include other services, such as lawn care or painting. And you’ll have plenty of cash for weekends and dates.


If you want to work for yourself (who doesn't?), then talk to your parents about starting your business. If they like your idea and can support you, you’ll need to craft a business plan. You should also contact your local government office to see if you’ll need to apply for any business licenses.

You'll have to pay taxes on your earnings, but you can also depreciate your equipment and write off the cost of products as business expenses.

Starting your own business is a rewarding experience, and is something you can be proud of. Having your own business also shows that you can be responsible, a definite plus on resumés.

Let Us Help You

When you're ready to buy your sealcoating equipment, we'd be happy to help you! Call us at 1-866-399-5562 for help with all of your asphalt needs.

Judd and Henry with the completed job!
Judd Burdon and Henry after the completed job!

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