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Snapmaster Parking Line Layout Tool

Snapmaster Parking Line Layout Tool

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Lay out parking lots with this tool designed for the single professional contractor.

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Parking Lot LayoutWith the Snapmaster, you don't have to hire or contract out the parking design and layout. You can do it all yourself with this tool — no back ache and no leg pains!

The Snapmaster enables you to make precise squares and you can even lay out angled stalls at any degree. Create parallel parking spots and you can create circles (max diameter: 34'). The Snapmaster lets you mark your lines by snapping a line with chalk, and the single person operation means that you can save time and money. Double your work efficiency: one person can lay out the lot while another person can paint the lines.

Includes Snapmaster frame, chalking line, tape measure, instructions guide, and more.

This comes with all of the instructions needed to assemble the Snapmaster, and the manual guides you through how to lay out all types of parking stalls.

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