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Asphalt Kingdom is your number one source for hot pour rubberized crack filler and liquid crack filler online. Shop all your crack repair needs here!

What is Asphalt Crack Filler?

Asphalt crack filler is a substance used for filling cracks in driveways, roads, and parking lots. Its main purpose is to prevent water from working its way into the cracks and destroying the pavement's foundation. It helps improve your property's curb appeal while keeping you and other drivers safe.

Some crack fillers are available in large cubes that are melted in a special machine for easier application, while other crack filling products are available in liquid or semi-liquid form and poured directly into the cracks from the bottle or the bucket.

Crack filling should your first option for effectively protecting your asphalt or concrete driveway. It's cost-effective, and it's so easy it can be done by most DIY homeowners. With the right tools, you should be able to do crack repairs on your own.

Watch this video for more information on the differences between cold pour and hot pour asphalt crack filler.

Different Types of Parking Lot and Driveway Crack Filler

Liquid Crack Filler

Also known as cold pour crack filler, this is a type of asphalt repair product that is poured directly into the affected area. This product has the consistency of slurry, and it is applied into the crack using a U-shaped or V-shaped squeegee.

Available in 1-gallon bottles, liquid crack fillers are ideal for narrow and shallow cracks. These products are recommended for DIYers, whether residential or commercial property owners. 

Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler

Hot asphalt crack fillers are commonly sold to DIYers and contractors in large cubes. Before they could be used to fill cracks, the cube is melted in a melter applicator or a special crack filling kettle. The viscous liquid is poured directly into the cracks and left to dry and cure for several hours before the driveway or parking lot can be used again.

This type of crack filler is often used by asphalt maintenance contractors and owners of mid-sized to large commercial properties. 

Asphalt Patch

Somewhere in between liquid crack filler and hot pour rubberized crack filler is the asphalt patch. This crack filling product has the consistency similar to that of sludge, making it easily workable during application. It is ideal for repairing shallow cracks and alligator cracks.

How to Apply Asphalt Crack Fill

The application method depends on what type of asphalt crack fill you’re using.

A U or V squeegee is used to fill cracks with liquid crack filler. It’s that simple. You can also use a pour pot bander to apply this type of crack filler.

It gets a little more complicated if you’re applying hot pour rubberized crack filler. You can use a melter kettle to liquefy a cube of crack filler and apply it using a crack pour pot or a pour pot bander. Crack fillers can also be melted inside a high-capacity melter oven.

But these methods can sometimes take too long. If you're a busy crack repair contractor, then there's probably nothing you hate more than downtimes and you want nothing more than to make the process more efficient.

That's why we recommend that you use a portable crack fill machine to melt and apply crack filler. Asphalt Kingdom offers a wide range of crack filling machines that suit every property owner and contractor’s needs. So go ahead and check out our crack filling equipment store.

To melt and apply crack filler for asphalt, simply load the cube inside the machine and wait for the temperature to reach 350°F. Turn down the regulator once it exceeds 350°F to ensure that the hot pour rubberized crack filler doesn't crystallize and become unusable.

Next, apply crack fill efficiently using the “Conga Line method.” 

But what is the "Conga Line method?"

In this method, one of your crew will perform surface prep, and he will then be followed by the leaf blower operator. Once the surface prep and cleaning crew are done, they will be followed by the crack filling machine operator. Let it cure completely before using the driveway, road, or parking lot again.

Bulk Crack Filler For Asphalt

We have bulk crack fill available for contractors and commercial property owners. Just visit the Asphalt Kingdom crackfill store to see which product suits your needs. You can also dial 1-866-399-5562 to talk to one of our crack fill experts and determine how many boxes or pails of crack fill you need.

Learn how to repair your parking lot with crackfill

Asphalt Crack Filler Calculator

Use our Crack Sealer Calculator to estimate quantities based upon the total linear feet of cracks that you need to seal.

Asphalt Crack Filler Calculator
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