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We are Titan's Largest Asphalt Line Striping Equipment Dealer!We guarantee the best price, delivery, quality and service on all Titan Line Stripers.

We offer a wide range of line striping machines to paint lines on parking lots. All our line striping machines include free shipping to your door and no sales tax! Whether you need a simple aerosol paint striper for small painting jobs or something more robust like one of our larger gas stripers (large parking lots, mall parking lots or airports), we are sure to have something that will meet your line striping machine needs.

Need help deciding which unit is best for you? Contact us toll-free at 1-866-399-5562 or check out our Striping Machine Buyer's Guide. Learn how to stripe like a pro in no time!

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Looking for parts and accessories for your line striping equipment? We have them in stock and ready to ship!

Tried and Tested Line Striping Machines Backed By a Bullet-Proof Warranty

We spent countless hours selecting brands that had the quality and performance to stripe parking lots successfully. We test each machine to be sure that we’re advising you on the best choice for your job requirements. In addition all of our stripers include a manufacturers warranty.

Having such a long warranty period means that the manufacturer has the confidence required to offer this. This is why we have selected the Titan Line Striping Machines as our first choice.

Asphalt Kingdom Striping Equipment: Choose the model that’s perfect for you!

Are you painting a small parking area with 15 or fewer stalls? Is this a one-time job?

If so, you should look at our AK Asphalt Striping Machine. This simple little striper is incredibly easy to use, with a comfortable handle grip and a wind protector. Just shake a can of aerosol paint, invert it, lock your line width in and go! Forget messy taping – this will get the job done fast and is a cost effective solution for striping straight clean lines. Hotels, motels, restaurants and similar properties tend to select this unit or the PL550 or PL850 right here below.

Looking to line stripe small parking lots?

Our Titan PowrLiner 550 and PowrLiner 850 are great options for periodic work on asphalt, concrete, or sports fields. The PL550 is a simple striper designed to spray straight lines on asphalt and does not have a detachable gun. The PL850 however features a detachable spray gun so you can even spray stencils or paint curbs or walls without needing additional equipment. The PL850 is our most popular unit. Part time striping contractors as well as small DIY jobs usually select one of these two machines.

If you're a small contractor or you are in charge of a large property with a lot of parking stalls, you'll want to look at a bigger line striper to do the job more quickly.

Take a look at the PowrLiner 2850. It will definitely provide you with the power you need to perform regular line striping efficiently with less overspray, better performance and durability. With an incredible 5-year warranty on the engine and 4-year warranty on manufacturer's defects, these are definitely best-of-breed.

Do you line stripe every day or nearly every day?

In that case, you need a machine with a larger capacity both in terms of gallons-per-minute output and in terms of the amount of paint it will hold on board. The PowrLiner 4955, 6955 and 8955 are hydraulic stripers that are perfect for heavy-duty line striping where power and speed make the difference. These sprayers feature two spray guns so you can spray dual lines or extra-wide lines without having to double-back. The front wheel locks in for precise straight or radius lines as well. They also have a 12-Gallon paint hopper for maximum work time without needing to reload. You're getting the industry's best machines when you choose these Titan models for your work.

If you're going to work on airports, roads, or work full-time on parking lots, consider adding the Titan LazyLiner seat or a self-propulsion kit to these models. This will save you from having to walk around pushing your striper by hand.

Still not sure? Take a look at our line striping machine video that will help guide you to your perfect choice!

Getting Started

When you're starting your line striper for the very first time you should always make sure that you have oil in the engine and gasoline inside of the motor as well. Always be sure that you have your spray tip completely clean so that you have constant flow and you can apply paint without any blockage. Also, make sure that your wheels are tight on the frame of your line striper. Be sure that your hoses are also clear of any debris or dried paint.

When you're going to apply the paint for the very first time on the job site you want to make sure that you have a piece of cardboard that allows you to spray paint on it so that you do not test it directly on the asphalt surface itself. It's always best to make a mistake on cardboard rather than a timely and costly mistake on the actual asphalt surface.

If you're noticing that your spray tip is not spraying in and even fan-shaped pattern you want to make sure that you take it off and remove any blockage that could be there. You can use a wire bristle or a very small nail to clean out your tip, in the case that there is paint or other blockage. Once you have cleaned it out and cleared it from blockage you can make sure that it is screwed back onto the machine properly and then you can go ahead and test the line striper on the cardboard again. Once your striping machine is spraying properly you can now go ahead and get to work on striping the parking lot.

Storing Your Striper

When you're storing your unit, you want to make sure that you flush the unit out thoroughly with water so that it removes any paint that could potentially dry inside of the machine. You want it ready for the next use without any problems. Always have a 5-gallon pail of water available so that you can use it to clean your hands and anything else during your job operations. Have additional rags and sponges available so that you can clean off your machine and hands.

Planning Your Line Striping Job

Understand the amount of paint you’ll need for your job by using a line paint calculator.

It’s always good to have more paint supplies than not enough. You don’t want to spend time travelling back to the office or to the supply store to get more. Time is money in any business so always have everything you need on hand and ready.

Use a chalk line to mark where your parking lines will be stationed. Be sure that your customer agrees to the parking line layout before you stripe. There have been quite a few instances where customers look at the parking lot after it’s complete and are unhappy with the layout. You can also sketch the rough design on paper and show this to the customer and have them sign off on the work order. In this case you’ll have a happy customer and you will have a road map to getting the parking lot done perfectly.

Then use a piece of cardboard at the head of the lines or a piece of tape. When you go to apply the paint with your striping machine you'll be able to create a nice squared off head on the line. If you don't do this you'll notice that you'll end up with more of a around head to the line. A squared off line on a parking lot looks way better than a rounded.

Another quick note to remember is to make sure that your spray tip height is at the right height to spray the line width that you desire. You can use the cardboard as a testing surface for this as well. Generally we select a 4 to 6 inch width. The great thing about all Titan Striper equipment is that they have adjustable gun frames that allow you to set the height and width. It can also be adjusted back or forward as well essentially allowing you to have the spray gun out in front of the machine or back closer to the mid range of the machine.

Striping parking lots is extremely profitable. If you own an asphalt maintenance company or your starting an asphalt seal coating business for the first time. We strongly recommend that you add line striping as an additional service offering.

Many stripers earn between five hundred and one thousand dollars per day. You can charge approximately ten dollars per line that you stripe and it only takes a couple of minutes to do each line including the set up with the squared off heads. Now imagine you striped one hundred lines at ten dollars per line… you would end up with one thousand dollars in gross revenue. Your cost on the paint is very minimal compared to what you earn. There is approximately seventy percent margin on striping materials.

Visit our line striping paint store for a wide selection of paints and stencils to choose from.

You can call us at 1-866-399-5562 for free expert line striping advice. We will be sure to give you cut to the chase information about selecting the right line striper.