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Helping You Build Your Own Asphalt Kingdom


The Asphalt Kingdom Story

Judd Burdon, the president of Asphalt Kingdom, cut his teeth in asphalt maintenance by selling this service door to door. After leaving the company where he apprenticed, he started his own asphalt maintenance business.

But life had a different plan for Judd. He sold his thriving asphalt business in Canada and flew with his family to sunny Anguilla. There he started Asphalt Kingdom, and after a rocky start, the business finally took off.

Today, Asphalt Kingdom is the premier supplier of sealcoating and crack filling equipment and supplies in Canada and the United States. We also provide line striping and pothole patching equipment and supplies to both DIY customers and asphalt contractors.

What We Offer

  • Commercial-grade crack filler and asphalt sealer
  • High-quality traffic paint
  • Crack filling machine
  • Sealer sprayer system
  • Line striping machine
  • Surface Prep Equipment
  • Asphalt Hot Box
  • Asphalt Infrared Heater and More!

What We Stand For

Quality We Can Be Proud Of

From asphalt sealer to pothole patching equipment, we believe in giving our customers only the best. All our asphalt maintenance equipment and supplies are chosen for their superior quality and from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure that you get the results you need.


We value our customer's business. So whether it's a sudden rise in prices or supply chain hiccups, you'll be sure that we will keep you updated. This helps you stay agile and respond to minor snags and major challenges properly.

Competitive Pricing

Owning a small business is challenging, especially in these tough economic times. We've been there, and we understand your concerns. That's why we make sure that all our prices are competitive so you can afford to get the best asphalt products in the market without affecting your bottom line.


We don't just sell asphalt maintenance products and equipment. We also empower you to be a better contractor or DIYer by providing you resources on how to seal asphalt, fill cracks, and paint properly. We also provide courses for new contractors, marketing and sales tips, and other resources for sealcoaters to catapult your business to the next level.

The AK Mission: Helping Contractors Thrive with Top-Notch Equipment and Supplies

Whether you need the latest in sealcoating technology or you want to invest in a compact infrared asphalt patch, you can find high-quality equipment here at Asphalt Kingdom. Choose the pavement sealer, traffic paint, or crack filler that's perfect for your application.

With Room for DIYers

Asphalt Kingdom's products are not just for contractors. Our asphalt sealer, traffic paint, and crack filler are suitable for DIY use, too. Try them today and prolong your driveway and parking lot.


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