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From reliable 6 HP Billy Goat Wheel Blower to powerful 13 HP ones, now you can choose the perfect gas blower for your application.

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For commercial property owners and lot managers, parking areas are investments that must be maintained to ensure the flow of customers. Part of general maintenance is regular cleaning with a parking lot sweeper to remove dirt and debris that can quickly build up and lead to excessive wear and tear. Of course, if you have the time, sweeping by hand is a possibility, but the quickest way to clean a parking lot is to utilize a gas powered blower that can sweep away organic material such as leaves, as well as dry puddles out before doing important asphalt maintenance.

Gas Blowers and Leaf Blowers are used to clean any surface. Leaf blowers and Gas Blowers are designed to blow air at high speeds to blow away dirt and debris from any surface. Gas Blowers come in a variety of different styles. Some blowers are designed to be carried on the back like a back pack. Some leaf blowers are designed to be pushed and you walk behind the bachine as it blows air out the side of it. Many people use gas blowers to clean their yard in the fall when all the leaves fall. You can direct the airflow from the blower and really push the grass and leaves into a desired area.

Asphalt maintenance contractors use gas blowers and leaf blowers to clean asphalt surfaces before the crackfilling and sealcoating is done. This provides a clean and ready asphalt surface that will provide better final results when the job is complete. The blower can be used to clean out dirt and debris from the edges as well as in cracks.

A clean parking lot is not only good for maintaining a good customer impression, it’s also necessary for when you are performing other types of parking lot maintenance such as filling cracks, and sealing asphalt. The experts at Asphalt Kingdom recommend the professional grade 9hp Billy Goat Blower for sweeping parking lots because of its reliability and power. In fact, many professionals swear by this remarkably light parking lot sweeper because of its ability to save time and energy. In minutes, you can have a clean parking lot without breaking your back.

Sweeping a parking lot is also extremely important before undergoing parking lot line striping. The asphalt must be completely cleaned of dirt and debris before you start any painting project. Once you have used a parking lot sweeper to clean the parking lot prior to striping, it is much easier to see cracks and fissures. These areas of degraded asphalt will need to be cleaned and sealed carefully to prevent more serious decay from occurring. The gas blower can be used to clean out these cracks before repairs are made.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions that you may have regarding our gas blowers and leaf blowers. 1-866-399-5562 Ext. 1. We have asphalt gas blower experts standing by to take your call.