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Top-of-the-line asphalt cleaning supplies to make surface preparation and asphalt maintenance easier all year long.

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Looking for the best bug and tar removers, liquid ice melters, and asphalt cleaners? Shop all your asphalt cleaning supplies and asphalt removers online here at Asphalt Kingdom.

What Causes Asphalt Deterioration?

Many things can cause asphalt deterioration. Age, of course, is a huge factor in asphalt deterioration. But the lifespan of asphalt driveways and parking lots can be shortened by constant exposure to the elements and heavy vehicular traffic.

Tree roots, insufficient drainage, and rainwater/snowmelt can also contribute to the slow and gradual destruction of your asphalt pavement.

But some substances and chemicals can degrade asphalt and hasten its deterioration. These include petroleum by-products such as kerosene, gasoline, motor oil, and diesel fuel.

Turpentine, a common household solvent, can also damage asphalt driveways and parking lots. The same goes for antifreeze.

Prevent Asphalt Deterioration with Asphalt Cleaning and Safety Products

You can preserve driveways and parking lots by using a wide array of pavement cleaning products – all of which you can find here at Asphalt Kingdom.

Removing oil stains embedded in asphalt can be accomplished simply by using our Universal Asphalt Degreaser Cleaner. This heavy-duty water-based driveway cleaner and degreaser features a concentrated formula so you can remove more oil stains for less. Watch gasoline stains and spilled diesel fuel disappear within minutes with this high-performance degreaser cleaner.

This is a biodegradable product that you can use not just on asphalt. It is also safe to use on concrete, carpets, tiles, sinks, countertops, grills, and tools. Truly a versatile cleaner!

Ice and snowmelt can also damage asphalt and driveways. Get rid of ice to preserve asphalt and keep driveways and parking lots safe! You can do that with our Liquid Ice Melter.

This is a non-corrosive liquid ice melter formulated you can use on asphalt and concrete driveways and parking lots. This product is safe and can be applied using a garden pump sprayer. If you're working on multiple driveways or large parking lots, then use a truck-mounted de-icing sprayer for the task. Available in 5-gallon buckets.

Removing Asphalt Sealer Overspray from Garage Doors, Cars, Concrete Walls, etc.

Asphalt sealer does a great job protecting and extending the lifespan of driveways and parking lots. But this liquid also produces one of the most stubborn stains out there, especially after it has dried.

If you're a property owner or a sealcoating contractor and you accidentally sprayed or splattered sealer on your car or garage door, then remove it with Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner.

This water-soluble asphalt remover is safe for use on different surfaces, including aluminum, painted wood, aluminum, plastic, steel, and more!

The application is pretty straightforward. Just spray, pour, or wipe Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner onto the surface before gently scrubbing or dabbing it with a clean cloth. Rinse it with water to get rid of road tar or asphalt sealer overspray.

How to Clean Asphalt Parking Lots and Driveways Before Asphalt Maintenance

  1. Remove dust, debris, and leaves from the cracks and pavement with a 16" Wire Street Broom. Working on a large parking lot or multiple driveways? Make the process more efficient by using a rotary broom.
  2. Kill vegetation growing between cracks with a heat lance and clean it with an Asphalt Crack Cleaner Machine. Get rid of dust and other debris from the surface with a Walk-Behind Leaf Blower.
  3. Oil stains on the pavement? Don't apply asphalt sealer without removing oil stains first. Just use the Universal Asphalt Degreaser Cleaner to lift diesel fuel, motor oil, and other chemicals from the pavement.
  4. Once the pavement is clean, you can now start the crack filling and asphalt sealing process.

Asphalt Cleaning Products FAQ

Is liquid ice melt safe to use on asphalt?

Liquid ice melter, liquid de-icer, ice melt, snow melt – whatever you call it, you can rest assured that it is safe to use on asphalt and other surfaces. These products are 100% safe for vegetation and pets.