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Ice Melting Liquid

Ice Melting Liquid


This ice melting liquid allows you to melt ice, reduce snow accumulation, and prevent surfaces from icing over.

Convenient 4-pack of 1-gallon bottles means you don't have to lug a 60-lb 5-gallon bucket.

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Spray this ice melting liquid on walkways, sidewalks, and other surfaces before a storm to prevent icing and to reduce snow accumulation by up to 2". This can also be applied during or after a storm to melt ice quickly.

This ice melter is non-corrosive and safe for pets and plants. It is a much smarter and more environmentally friendly way to remove ice or to reduce the workload when shoveling snow, especially when compared to harmful rock salts or ice-melting pellets.

A 5 gallon container provides coverage of about 5,000 square feet.

  • Safe for use on concrete, asphalt, mortar, brick, stucco, terrazzo, terra cotta, treated and untreated wood surfaces, airplanes (C-80 only), motorcycles, cars, and trucks.
  • Can be used on new concrete
  • Doesn't stain driveways or walkways
  • Non-toxic for plants, pets, and livestock
  • Can be used in any sprayer (including manual pump sprayers and high pressure sprayers)
  • Contains no salts
  • Less corrosive than ice melters with salts, chloride, urea, brine, and water
  • Can be used before storms to prevent icing and to reduce snow accumulation
  • Bio-degradable, water soluble, and non staining

Bare Ground is non-corrosive ice-melting solution.

Liquid Ice Melt Specs

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