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Deery Crack Sealant 36 Boxes / 1,080 lbs
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Full Pallet of Deery 115 (75 Boxes)
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Deery Crack Sealer - 75 Boxes / 2,250 lbs
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Four pallets of Crack Fill
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$7,999.00 $8,996.00
You save $997
Pure Asphalt Direct Fire Crack Filler - 75 boxes / 2,250 lbs
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Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat (275 Gallon Sealing Totes)
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Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Bulk Buy (4) 275 Gallon Totes
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$7,016.00 $7,643.00
You save $627
Asphalt Emulsion Sealer (55 Gallon Drums) Near Me
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Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skid (Four 55 Gallon Drums)
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$1,659.00 $2,636.00
You save $977 As low as $1,499.75
4 Asphalt Emulsion Sealer Skids (16 x 55-Gallon Drums)
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$5,999.00 $6,636.00
You save $637
Asphalt Millings Rejuvenator
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Asphalt Millings Rejuvenator
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Shop High-Quality Asphalt Supplies Here at Asphalt Kingdom!

Everything you need to maintain asphalt driveways and parking lots is available right here at Asphalt Kingdom. Check out our wide selection of asphalt sealers, crack fillers, parking lot paint, and asphalt patching products here at our website. We also offer professional-grade asphalt cleaning and traffic safety supplies.

These high-quality products are available to property owners and contractors. Property owners can use them for DIY asphalt maintenance. Contractors can use them for sealcoating and crack filling projects.

What are Asphalt Supplies?

Asphalt supplies are products used to maintain asphalt driveways and parking lots. By protecting the pavement from UV rays and moisture, they help extend the life of your asphalt.

There are three stages of maintaining an asphalt pavement. First is by patching or covering a pothole, and the second is by filling cracks.

Once all the potholes are patched and cracks filled, you can now apply your chosen asphalt sealing product. To complete these tasks, you must use the highest quality crack filling, pothole patching, and asphalt sealcoating supplies available. Ensure you choose the best on the market.

Asphalt Kingdom Crack Filling and Asphalt Sealer Supplies

Crack Filler

Asphalt Kingdom offers a wide range of crack fillers to suit your needs. Whether you're a DIYer or a contractor, we have the right product for your needs.

Check out our hot pour rubberized crack fillers and alligator patching products. Our hot pour rubberized crack fillers are best in class and can be used in direct-fire or oil-jacketed melters.

Order the right amount of crack filler for your project. For smaller projects, one box is sufficient. For larger projects, like filling cracks at airports, grocery store parking lots, or mobile home roads, a full pallet is required.

Alligator cracks are a sure sign that something is wrong with an asphalt pavement. Prevent foundation erosion and prolong the pavement's lifespan by patching it with Gator Patch! This product has a mud-like consistency and is applied using a squeegee. Order several buckets of Gator Patch for your DIY project or a full pallet for patching cracks in large parking lots.

Sealcoating Supply

Looking for a high-quality asphalt sealer? Then you've found the right sealcoat supply company. We are America and Canada's number one supplier of asphalt emulsion sealer in drums, pallets, and totes. We can also deliver bulk asphalt sealer in a tanker right to your doorstep or job site.

But we're not just about asphalt sealcoat products. We also offer additives to speed up sealer dry time, as well as drum and tote mixers. Removing sealer stains is easier thanks to our Universal Asphalt Degreaser Cleaner and Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner.

Conducting a DIY project for your home or small property? Then check out our DIY Patch & Seal Driveway Package. Everything you need to patch and seal your asphalt pavement is right here for hassle-free shopping.

Parking Line Paint

When painting or stenciling a parking lot, it's not enough to use ordinary parking line paint. Use the best product on the market. This will ensure that the lines remain vivid. Additionally, it will prevent the lines from peeling or chipping after a few months.

That's why here at Asphalt Kingdom, we offer only the best parking line paint for our customers. Property owners and contractors can find the best deals on and oil-based paint. Available in white, yellow, and blue.

Check out Stencil Store too for a wide array of directional arrows, words, letters, numbers, and handicap stencils.

Asphalt Patch Repair Products

Asphalt Kingdom also offers supplies for your asphalt patching needs. Fix potholes anytime, anywhere with the number one patching product in the market: Aquaphalt 6.0 Concrete and Asphalt Patch. It can be applied all year round, making it a great pothole patching solution for both DIYers and contractors.

For hassle-free pothole patching, try our Cold Asphalt Patch. Just fill the pothole with it after surface preparation, compact it using a tamper, and you're all set. Great for residential or commercial use.

Asphalt Cleaning Supplies

Removing dried sealer stains from surfaces is hard – water mixed with detergent just won't cut it. Save your energy and get rid of asphalt sealer stains easily with the Titan Oil-Flo™ Safety Solvent Cleaner!

Getting rid of oil stains is crucial to proper asphalt maintenance. You can do that with the Asphalt Kingdom Universal Asphalt Degreaser Cleaner. And use the Liquid Ice Melter to protect your pavement asset come winter.

Traffic Safety

Block off the area you just sealcoated or stenciled with Asphalt Kingdom's orange traffic cone. This item comes with a stable black base. It also has a reflective collar for visibility at night for drivers and crews. Available in different sizes.

Asphalt Sealcoating Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sealcoat for asphalt?

We recommend asphalt emulsion sealer to contractors and property owners alike. It has excellent water resistance, and it has a darker color that simply stands out.

Unlike other types of sealers, it does not contain toxic compounds. It also does not contribute to water pollution. Want to speed up the drying process? Simply mix additives so you or your customer can use the driveway or parking lot faster.

How do I figure out how much crack filler I will need for a project?

We've made calculating the amount of crack filler you will need easier with this crack filling calculator.

How much asphalt sealer do I need for a specific job?

Visit our handy blacktop calculator to calculate the amount of sealcoating supply you will need for a project.

How much traffic paint do I need for asphalt surfaces?

Want to know how much traffic paint you will need for a line striping job? Check out Asphalt Kingdom’s traffic paint calculator.

It's my first time conducting DIY asphalt maintenance. What products do you recommend?

Conducting asphalt maintenance is easier once you know which asphalt sealcoating supplies to use. But choosing the best sealcoating supply can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have a lot of products to choose from.

We created the DIY Patch & Seal Driveway Package to make asphalt maintenance more convenient for property owners and new contractors. This package provides the necessary items to help our customers. Check out the DIY Patch & Seal Driveway Package to learn more.

Why Asphalt Kingdom?

Asphalt Kingdom is your go-to source for asphalt supplies. We offer the widest selection of crack filling, pothole patching and asphalt coating supplies.

Whether you're a DIYer or an asphalt maintenance contractor, you will find the perfect product for your project here. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-399-5562. Or send us a message for questions about our asphalt supplies and how to save money with your orders.