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cold asphalt patch

Cold Asphalt Patch


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Cold Asphalt Patch

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Quick Overview

50lb bag of Cold Asphalt Patch for all-season asphalt patching. Patch 4 sq feet / bag.


Year-round cold asphalt patch product for patching holes in asphalt. You can patch at anytime of the year, no matter how cold it is. Cures extremely solid within 3 to 4 hours.

One 50lbs bag of Cold Asphalt Patch will allow you to patch 4 square feet of asphalt 1 inch thick. Mimimum order: 3 bags.

cold asphalt patch to fix potholesInitially, cold patch asphalt was used for temporary patching and repair on potholes. Over time, manufacturers have made some improvements in its formulation such that the material became easier to work with and can last as long as the hot asphalt mix. This development is indeed good news for homeowners who want to save money by doing their own driveway’s pothole repairs, wherein buying hot asphalt mix and equipment is not feasible for their needs.

Some people complain that they do not get the results they have been expecting from using the cold asphalt mix. Perhaps what is overlooked is that using good material such as the Cold Asphalt Patch is only the beginning. To ensure long lasting results, there are also some other important things that must be observed. These include preparing the pothole, tamping, allowing the cold asphalt to cure, and applying a sealer.

A strong asphalt patch starts with the right preparation. This entails making sure that the pothole is cleaned of dirt and loose pieces of asphalt. Make sure too that the asphalt edges of the hole is solid; remove the crumbling bits with a chisel or screwdriver. It is also important that before pouring in the Cold Asphalt Patch the depth of the pothole is assessed. Ideally, the patching material should not be less than one inch and not more than two inches. If it is too thin, it will not be durable but if it is too thick, it will take longer to cure and harden.

If the hole is more than two inches deep or if the foundation has been removed, it must be filled up first with gravel. This takes us to the next important thing: tamping. Tamp the gravel with a flat steel tamper or the end of a 4x4 post prior to applying the Cold Asphalt Patch. After applying the asphalt filler, tamp that down as well. Tamping down both layers of gravel and asphalt patch is very important to the success of a pothole repair job. Otherwise, the pothole will just reappear or the patch will sink and cause indentations or pits.

The cold asphalt filler has been formulated so that it can be driven on immediately since it starts to harden upon application. However, it is best to allow the patch to cure totally before letting it bear heavy loads. Thus, if you want long lasting results from the Cold Asphalt Patch allow it to thoroughly cure and reach its hardest state before subjecting that part of the driveway to heavy usage especially if it is a wide pothole. Some parts may still be soft and if you drive over it, dimples or depressions may appear on the repaired patch.

Applying a sealer or sealcoating will also make that patch last for a long time since this prevents the asphalt from becoming brittle. Sealcoating preserves the asphalt’s flexible properties, which can deteriorate from exposure to changes in weather and outdoor temperatures. You have to wait for the Cold Asphalt Patch to thoroughly cure as well before applying the sealer. Sealcoating before the patch is cured will not allow it to harden thoroughly because the sealer will cut off the air supply that hardens the asphalt.

The Bottom Line

You won't believe how much better this cold asphalt patch product is than the 'old way' of fixing potholes! This product is specially designed for permanent pothole filling in:

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • steel
  • wood
  • other hard surfaces


This product is pliable in the bag, but dries as hard as a rock three hours later.  This isn't a product that chips out over time: this is long-term professional-grade pothole repair.

You don't need to worry about the weather any more, either.  This blend of polymer-modified asphalt can be used in any condition.  It comes out of its container in a flexible form and gets into the foundation of the sub-grade, shoring it up while patching the surface.  Potholes don't even need to be free of water! 

This is truly the best permanent asphalt patching product we have found!  This product is unique:  it's hot asphalt that has been cooled, so rather than trying to apply dissimilar products to a hole and expecting them to bond, you're actually healing the hole.

AK Cold Patch for fixing potholes

Repair potholes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sweep and Clean: Clean the pothole, sweeping up any debris or loose rocks that may have formed.
  2. Pour: Upend the bag of cold asphalt patch into the pothole.  Pour and spread it, leaving a slight crown.
  3. Compact: Tamp the product down into the hole using a tamper, board, roller - even your car! It won't stick to your tires!  It's that easy!

How much will you need? 

If your pothole is 1 inch deep, each  50lb bag will provide four feet of coverage.

What makes it different?

Instead of waiting in line at the hot asphalt plant (when you could be out doing just about anything else!) then having to saw cut the edges of the hole, apply a tack coat, apply hot mix, roll it, and then close the road, runway or driveway for hours while you wait for the hot mix to dry, this Cold Patch Asphalt product can be applied in minutes!  No prep time, no clean up time, and you can drive on it immediately.  Best of all, you can sealcoat it after it has finished curing (3 to 4 hours). Isn't anything else too old-fashioned for you to use?

Weight 50lbs per bag

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  1. easy to use review by wamp on 7/13/18

    excellent support , product and service

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Cold Asphalt Patch Rapid setting cold asphalt patch is perfect for filler potholes or large cracks. It is pliable in the pail, but dries hard and firm once set. AK-CAP Cold Asphalt Patch 80 Asphalt Kingdom