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half pallet of patch asphalt

Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags


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  • half pallet of patch asphalt half pallet of patch asphalt

Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags

Quick Overview

Our rapid-setting three-step Asphalt Patch lets you repair potholes in any season.

Year-round patch for a pothole quick fix. You can patch at anytime of the year, no matter how cold it is. Cures extremely solid within 3 to 4 hours. The half pallet has 28 bags of patch asphalt.

The Bottom Line

AK Cold patch is not stickyYou won't believe how much better this cold asphalt patch product is than the 'old way' of fixing potholes! This product is specially designed for permanent pothole filling in:

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • steel
  • wood
  • other hard surfaces


This product is pliable in the bag, but dries as hard as a rock three hours later.  This isn't a product that chips out over time: this is long-term professional-grade pothole repair.

You don't need to worry about the weather any more, either.  This blend of polymer-modified asphalt can be used in any condition.  It comes out of its container in a flexible form and gets into the foundation of the sub-grade, shoring it up while patching the surface.  Potholes don't even need to be free of water! 

This is truly the best permanent asphalt patching product we have found!  This product is unique:  it's hot asphalt that has been cooled, so rather than trying to apply dissimilar products to a hole and expecting them to bond, you're actually healing the hole.

Repair potholes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sweep and Clean: Clean the pothole, sweeping up any debris or loose rocks that may have formed.
  2. Pour: Upend the bag of cold asphalt patch into the pothole.  Pour and spread it, leaving a slight crown.
  3. Compact: Tamp the product down into the hole using a tamper, board, roller - even your car! It won't stick to your tires!  It's that easy!

How much will you need? 

If your pothole is 1 inch deep, each 50lb bag will provide four feet of coverage.

What makes it different?

Instead of waiting in line at the hot asphalt plant (when you could be out doing just about anything else!) then having to saw cut the edges of the hole, apply a tack coat, apply hot mix, roll it, and then close the road, runway or driveway for hours while you wait for the hot mix to dry, this Cold Patch Asphalt product can be applied in minutes!  No prep time, no clean up time, and you can drive on it immediately.  Best of all, you can sealcoat it after it has finished curing (3 to 4 hours). Isn't anything else too old-fashioned for you to use?

Weight 1400 lbs
Pallet Dimensions 48" x 40" x 24

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Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags Patch asphalt easily with our half pallet of cold patch bags (a pothole quick fix!). Three easy steps fixes your potholes. Free shipping, no sales tax. AK-CAP-half-pallet Patch Asphalt - Half Pallet / 28 Bags 795 Asphalt Kingdom