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Spray Asphalt Sealer from one of our Spray SystemsAsphalt needs to be sealed with a professional contractor grade asphalt sealer that will protect the asphalt surface from the elements. All of our asphalt sealer dries extremely fast, has a black matte finish and fills in small fissures preventing water and ice from causing costly damage or replacement.

Our asphalt sealer can be applied with a squeegee, sealer brush or with one of our professional AK Sealcoat Sprayers designed to spray sealer professionally on any asphalt surface.

With more than 20,000,000 gallons of asphalt sealer sold, we can assure you that you’ll get the best price, quality and service that will ultimately maximize your business!

We deliver right to your door or job site, saving you costly travel time that could have been spent generating more business.

Give us a call toll free 1-866-399-5562 for expert advice or to place your order.

We carry asphalt sealer that is considered to be the best in the industry for asphalt sealcoating. We ship directly to your home, office or job site. We don’t want you spending valuable sales and marketing time driving to and from the coal tar sealer plant. We want you spending time on the things that are going to impact your business at the deepest level. SALES and CUSTOMER SERVICE are the key.

Convenient Asphalt Sealer Packaging Options

Fifty-Five Gallon Drum: Neatly packaged in a ring lit removable lid drum. The sealer can be mixed directly in the drum and then transferred to your spray system or into buckets if you’re applying by hand. 5,500 square feet of coverage per drum. Weighs 600 lbs and can be moved with a sturdy dolly or cart.

Skid of Sealer (Four 55 gallon drums): Four drums of sealer placed neatly on a skid. That’s 220 gallons of sealer and gives you a coverage rate of 22,000 square feet. This is by far our most popular packaging option that people select. The price is better and you’ll have more asphalt sealcoat on hand for jobs that you have lined up. Total weight of a full skid is 2,400 lbs. You will need a pallet jack, forklift or remove one drum at a time with a dolly to move this shipment around.

Four Skids (Sixteen 55 gallon drums): A bulk option for contractors or property managers looking to save. When you buy four skids, you save over $900. We pass along the shipping savings on large orders like this. 88,000+ square feet of coverage. Have sealer on hand and ready to use so that you close more deals. If you’re looking to move these pallets around, we recommend a forklift or pallet jack.

275 Poly Tote: A large poly tote tank with an aluminum cage around it for protection and support. 27,500 square feet of coverage per tote and weighs approximately 2,805 pounds. You’ll definitely need a forklift to move this around when full.

How Much Asphalt Sealer Do You Need?

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Asphalt Sealer: Choose a Product That Helps Build Your Reputation and Business!

  1. Commercial and Airport Grade: Airports demand the very best asphalt sealcoat for both safety and durability. We believe this is the only product good enough for all asphalt, whether your little tyke is playing airplanes or you’re prepping a runway for 747s.
  2. Fast Drying: Too many low-quality driveway sealants take a day or two to dry, and that isn’t very convenient for most people. Ours dries in 3 to 4 hours under ideal conditions, getting your pavement back in use quickly and easily.
  3. Coal Tar Sealer: For the utmost resistance to all types of fuel spills, it must be made with coal tar. Emulsion brands simply can’t hold up to gas, oil, and diesel, they have to be applied one-coat-per-day, and washout happens frequently. And don’t confuse Coal Tar Sealer, which is refined coal tar, with crude coal tar – refined coal tar has been a safe choice for asphalt for over 60 years. Not one single study has ever shown any harmful effects on humans or animals from this product.
  4. Lasts 2 To 3 Years: Asphalt maintenance is hard work, and those shiny black driveway coatings will wear away in 6 months, making it even more work. Our sealant dries to a flat black matte and will endure for 2 to 3 years, not months.
  5. Used By High-Demand Clients: It’s not just airports that demand a long-lasting and durable product. Our clients include: churches, mall parking lots, golf courses, fast food drive-thrus, hotels, and motels. They all depend on our product that stands the test of time and traffic.

The Cause(s) of Asphalt Deterioration

The Sun: Think of asphalt as a dense liquid when it’s freshly laid. As the sun beats down on the surface day in and day out the oils in the asphalt dry out and the surface becomes a solid making it fragile, allowing it to crack when the ground moves.

Winter Ice: Water enters into small fissures, cracks and pores and freezes. When water freezes, it expands, causing expansion, which results in larger cracks, potholes and a weak foundation.

Wear and Tear: The more traffic on an asphalt surface, the faster the surface breaks down. Turning car wheels, weight and cornering all wear the asphalt faster in high traffic areas.

Oil and Chemical Spills: It’s inevitable, leaks from cars and accidental chemical spills are bound to happen. Oil spills will eat away at the flexible properties of the asphalt and break down the tar. Chemicals do the same. Once the flexible properties have been damaged, the asphalt really only is left with rock and sand, which are not flexible. This leaves the asphalt in a fragile state.

The solution? Simply apply an even coat over the whole asphalt surface. The sealer will be the ultimate protection coating against the sun, winter ice, wear and tear and oil or chemical spills. It will seal small cracks and small pock marked holes preventing water from getting in and causing serious damage.

Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer vs Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat

Wondering about switching from Asphalt Emulsion Sealer to Coal Tar Sealer? Applying refined tar sealer over asphalt emulsion sealer should wait until the asphalt emulsion sealer has stopped scuffing. Depending on the climate, this could be as long as six months. Prep is the same as it would be for any project.

Sealcoat Application Methods

There are two basic sealer application methods that are used to apply sealer to asphalt surfaces properly:

Spray: Most contractors and property maintenance managers use the spray method as it can be applied very quickly and an even coat is accomplished quite easily. It’s also a lot less messy versus applying by hand. An asphalt sealcoat sprayer will give you excellent coverage rate of approximately 100 square feet per gallon.

By Hand: Most residential homeowners select to do their coatings by hand as a sprayer can be costly for a small driveway application. A sealcoat squeegee, sealer brush or paint roller is generally used when applying by hand. When you’re applying by hand you’ll get a lot less coverage compared to spraying. You’ll only get approximately 60 square feet per gallon.

An analogy we tend to use quite often in the asphalt maintenance industry…. Would you cut a football field of grass with a pair of scissors or would you prefer to cut it with a large lawn tractor? Obviously the sprayer is like the lawn tractor and the scissors are like the hand application.

Whether you’re applying asphalt sealcoat by hand or with a sprayer, asphalt sealing is simply the only way to keep your blacktop lasting thirty years or more. Using a commercial airport grade asphalt sealer is the very best protection money can buy and best of all we ship it directly to your location of choice.

We sell and ship millions of gallons of asphalt sealer annually. We understand the business, your customers and what it takes to be successful. We understand that you need a quality product to build and support your business and we are confident that we can provide you with all of this. We see our customers as partners and do everything we can to help you grow your business.

Whether you’re looking for advice on applying sealer, looking for a quote on a large bulk order or simply unsure of how much sealer you need for your parking lot sealcoat job, call 1-866-399-5562 and our friendly experts will be happy to help!