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Parking Line Paints, Asphalt Paints, and More

High-quality water-based and oil-based line paints for contractors and DIYers. We also offer a wide variety of parking lot and road stencils.

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Water-Based Traffic Marker Paint for Airports, Football Fields, and Parking Lots
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Alkyd Traffic and Zone Oil Based Solvent Marking Paint
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Parking Lot StencilsWe've got the right parking line paint for your needs! Whether you need durable oil-based paint for parking lots, or water-based paint for curbs, we have it in stock and ready to ship! Shipping time for these items is 4-5 business days.

Diverse Asphalt Paint Options: Discover Road, Parking, Traffic, and Pavement Marking Solutions

Elevate surfaces with our premium asphalt paint. From vibrant parking line paint to durable road marking paint, we offer versatile solutions for traffic marking and pavement marking needs. Achieve lasting results.

Use our AK Paint Calculator to determine the amount of paint you'll need for your line striping job.

Now, since it is petroleum-based, many paints, such as acrylic paint, will not adhere to the asphalt surfaces. Painting on petroleum-based materials like asphalt requires pavement paint. That being said, there are still many choices when it comes to painting pavement, curbs and other areas of a parking lot or roadway. Here’s a look at your choices.

Water-Based Parking Line Paints

Water-based paints are the environmentally friendly choice because they contain no harmful VOCs or other chemicals. They are also the least expensive choice and work well in most settings. Do keep in mind that many areas have put into law that the only paint types that are acceptable are the water-based ones. If your state is one of them, you need not fret about choosing between water or oil based; the decision has been made for you.

Cleaning up water-based paints is far easier. The use of solvents is not necessary to clean up a spill or a paint sprayer after use. Water is all it takes. Not only is it easier to clean up any mistakes or accidents, it is also far easier for you to get yourself clean as well!

Water-based paints can be used in sprayers without fear of clogging. The solvent-based paints you will learn about in a moment can be used in sprayers but clogs are more likely to form. There are ways to protect against clogs of course, if you decide to go that route.

There are regular and fast-dry water-based paints. Even the regular dries faster than the other types, but the fast-dry dries to "no-track" in as little as 2 minutes.

Oil/Solvent/Alkyd Asphalt Paint

Some sources refer to all of these paints as “alkyd-based”. Alkyd is actually a synthetic resin that is used as a binder. It is present to some extent in all of the solvent-based paints. “Solvent-based” is a more accurate term.

Some of the disadvantages of solvent-based paint were mentioned above: more difficult to clean up, more likely to cause clogs and it takes longer to dry. They are also more expensive than water-based paints.

The main advantage (and probably the only reason this type is still on the market) is that solvent-based paints may be more durable. There are two main types of solvent-based paint: regular and high performance.

High performance is used in high traffic areas. For example, the maintenance staff of the NASCAR race track in Daytona uses the high performance type of pavement paint.

The regular type is also referred to as Type I and is used by pretty much anyone in the business of painting pavement, except by those who choose water-based for its advantages.

Don't be discouraged from using parking lot paint types that are water-based for fear that they will not last as long. The thing to remember is that proper asphalt maintenance demands regular sealcoating. With high-traffic parking lots, that will be at least every three years, and more likely every two. Sealant is black, and will erase your parking lot lines, and so you will need to repaint every time you seal the asphalt. Even if the lines were still clearly visible before, they won’t be after sealing!

Discover the Magic of our Asphalt Paint

Navigating a parking lot can be chaotic without clear lines to guide the way. But did you know that using ordinary paint for line striping on asphalt can lead to early wear, fading, and frequent reapplications?

Enter Asphalt Kingdom's Parking Line Paint. Tailored specifically for asphalt surfaces, this product stands apart from regular paints in several distinct ways:

Stunning Vibrancy. Ordinary paints fade quickly on asphalt, but our asphalt paint boasts a brilliant hue that remains vibrant even after heavy use and exposure.

Unrivaled Durability. Regular paints peel or chip, especially in areas with high traffic. In contrast, our formula adheres firmly to the asphalt, resisting wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

Cost-Efficiency. Think of the time and money wasted re-striping with inferior paints. With our specialized paint, reapplications are minimized, leading to substantial long-term savings.

Safety First. Clear parking lines are paramount for safety. Our paint ensures lines remain visible, reducing confusion and potential mishaps in parking areas.

Don't compromise by using ordinary paint on your valuable asphalt surfaces. Opt for the best, and let Asphalt Kingdom's Parking Line Paint transform your parking areas into well-defined, durable, and safe spaces. Elevate your asphalt game today!

Can you Paint Fresh Asphalt?

Just installed a new asphalt parking lot and wondering if you can paint fresh asphalt right away? It's best to wait a while before painting it.

A newly installed asphalt pavement hardens within a few days, but it can months for it to fully cure. To be safe, wait at least two weeks up to a month before applying water-based or oil-based asphalt.

Look for "Asphalt Paint"

Remember when you are shopping to look for pavement paint, or traffic paint, on the label. No matter which type you choose, they have been formulated specifically to adhere to your pavement. All-purpose paints will not do the job. All your effort will bubble, peel, and wash away in short order when you use any old paint instead of line striping paint.

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Unfortunately, many local stores do not carry specialized asphalt parking lot paint. The good news is Asphalt Kingdom offers the best paint for asphalt. If you aren't sure of how many feet you'll be striping, or if you'd like help deciding between oil-based or water-based paint, contact our friendly asphalt line striping experts. They'll be happy to help! You can reach them via phone, toll-free at 1-866-399-5562, or by email.

Product Name Pros Cons

Waterborne Traffic Zone Water Based Marking Paint
  • Great for painting asphalt or concrete
  • Fast-drying – ideal for use on commercial parking lots
  • Available in white, yellow, blue, and red
  • Vibrant colors
  • Durable and long-lasting paint
  • Made for line striping and stenciling
  • Easy application using a roller or a line striper
  • Smooth and clean finish
  • Can be used with glass beads
  • Environment-friendly water-based paint
Oil-Based Line Striping Road Paint
Oil-Based Line Striping Road Paint
  • The most durable type of traffic paint on the market
  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Vibrant and highly visible colors
  • Available in white, yellow, blue, and red
  • Can be used on asphalt and concrete
  • Ideal for roads and parking lots with high traffic
  • Perfect for line striping and stenciling
  • Contains high levels of VOCs
  • Has a strong, overpowering smell
  • Takes longer to dry compared to water-based paint
  • Cannot be shipped to some states and territories because of high levels of VOCs
AK+ Aerosol Paint (Case of 12)
AK+ Aerosol Paint (Case of 12)
  • Ideal for new line stripers and great for small-scale jobs
  • Lightweight and convenient paint which makes stenciling easier
  • Intense color coverage
  • Can be applied by hand or using a mechanical line striper

Note: AK+ Aerosol Paint is temporarily available in very limited supply. More supplies coming soon.