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39" Handicap Stencil With Background
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48" Handicap Stencil
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42 Inch Handicap Stencil
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34" Handicap Stencil
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28 Handicap Stencil for Paving
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30" Handicap Stencil
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30" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background
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28" DOT Handicap Stencil w/ Background
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72" Handicap Stencil
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12 Inch Handicap Stencil
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Shop Handicap Stencils Online

If you're in the line striping business, then don't forget to shop handicap stencils here at Asphalt Kingdom. We offer wheelchair stencils of different sizes, from compact 15" to eye-catching 72" sheets.

Asphalt Kingdom stencils are made of flexible light-duty or heavy-duty pro-grade LDPE so you can choose whichever material suits your purpose. They are easy to clean and can be reused hundreds or even thousands of times as long as they are used and stored properly.

How to Apply Handicap Signs Using Wheelchair Stencils

  • The first and foremost thing to prioritize when stenciling a handicap marking is the need of the people who are going to be using the parking space. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, handicap-accessible parking stalls must be positioned near the entrance of the facility. 
  • If the facility has multiple entrances, then the owner or the facility manager must ensure that there are multiple parking spaces accessible all over the property. Handicap parking spaces must also be located on level ground.

Check out this Americans with Disabilities Act page for a more in-depth look at restriping accessible parking spaces. 

You can also refer to the Asphalt Kingdom ADA Handicap Parking Requirements & Cheatsheet for additional information.

  • Using a broom and/or a power blower, remove dust, dried leaves, and loose asphalt from the parking stall.
  • If your client doesn't require a background, then lay out the stencil on the pavement and spray paint directly. But if the client requires a background, then trace the sides of the background with chalk or marker and fill it in with federal standard handicap blue paint. Let the paint dry.
  • Once the background is dry, paint the sign's border using a line striping machine. Let it dry.
  • Center the handicap stencil on the background and spray paint.

All Asphalt Kingdom handicap stencils meet ADA standards. Check out our word stencils to complete your accessible parking stencil kit.