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28" Handicap Stencil

28" Handicap Stencil

28 Handicap Stencil

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An industry standard, the 28" handicap stencil is small for flexibility and easy placement while meeting all ADA and Federal standards. This stencil comes factory direct and can be delivered next day to get your project up and running. The wheelchair-shaped design is a recognizable shape that can be placed within any parking space or handicap parking stall for ease of access. It simply needs to lay flat on to the space and sprayed with durable white spray paint. The best paint to use for this project would be a paint that is specifically designed for pavement marking, which guarantees longevity and lasting vibrancy. Most hardware stores carry this type of paint.

The specifications of the stencil and its materials are ADA compliant and meet the accessible parking regulations as given by the US access board. The stencil itself measures 25" wide by 28" high, giving it a slight rectangular shape. Keep in mind that the material has a width of 31" and a height of 34" to be used. It can be made in a variety of stencil grades that have many benefits depending on the type of project you need the stencil for. The .080 ALU is a highly reusable material that never wears, while the ?" LDPE is a PRO-Grade material that is affordable, durable, and commonly used by most industry pros.

Other materials include the 1/16" LDPE, which is similar to the ?" LDPE but comes with a lighter weight material, and the .030" HIPS, which is recommended for one-time use and is made ultra thin to guarantee flexibility and flat alignment. The stencil comes with a handicap symbol only, and not a background, providing you with the ability to place the wheelchair symbol wherever is best for industry standards. Guarantee that handicapped drivers will easily spot the stencil by spraying it in the most centralized and front-facing spots.

Stencil Width25"
Stencil Height28"
Shipping Width25"
Shipping Length34"
Shipping Height10"
Shipping Weight6 lbs

28" Handicap Stencil This 28-inch Handicap Stencil is ADA Compliant. Heavy duty reusable plastic. Free shipping! c-4300-028 28 30.66 Asphalt Kingdom
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