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Starter Stencil Kit

Starter Stencil Kit

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Package Price: $399.00

Starter kit for line striping contractors.

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48 Handicap Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


42 Arrow Combo Kit Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


12 NO PARKING Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


12 FIRE LANE Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


6 VISITORS Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


4" RESERVED Stencil (1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE)


If you're starting your own line striping or asphalt sealcoating business, this starter stencil kit is just the thing you need to get started. It covers the necessary basics with a 48" handicap stencil, which is necessary for working on parking lots. You also get a 42" arrow combo stencil, allowing you to paint curved or straight lines to direct drivers. The included word stencils also allow you to mark off special parking and no parking areas.

These durable 1/8" thick stencils lay flat for precise painting. Constructed from professional grade LDPE, you'll be able to use these stencils over and over again.

This starter stencil kit includes:

  • 48" Handicap
  • 42" Arrow Combo (Straight and Curved)
  • 12" No Parking
  • 12" Fire Lane
  • 6" Visitors
  • 4" Reserved

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