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AK Royalty Rewards

The Asphalt Kingdom Loyalty Program

Announcing Asphalt Kingdom's Royalty Rewards Program. Imagine getting rewarded whenever you shop with us. It’s like walking down a red carpet!

Sounds too good to be true? Oh, it’s good. And it’s true!

When you choose Asphalt Kingdom, you not only get top-tier customer service, you also get high-quality equipment. And now, you can get rewarded for it, too!

How do I earn points?

Earn every time you buy!

The AK Royalty Rewards Program gives you a royalty fee of 1% back on eligible products, turning every dollar spent into points that pave your way to savings. And guess what? These points aren’t just numbers; they translate into real dollar savings for future purchases.

Point system: 100 points = $1!

Here’s how you can accumulate your wealth:

  • Make Purchases: Every eligible product you buy adds more to your treasure chest.
  • Review with Panache: Show off your purchases! Upload a review with images, and we’ll reward you handsomely.
  • Try AK DASH: Give the free 14-day trial of AK DASH a spin and get a point. Simple!
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A Tale of Caution!

While we’re generous with our rewards, there are a few royal decrees to keep in mind:

  • Points last for 6 months. You lose ‘em if you don’t use ‘em.
  • Redeem points for products with a POINTS badge
  • Points are only redeemable in the store where they were earned. [Canada points stay in Canada, eh?]
  • Points don’t cover the king’s ransom (shipping and taxes).
  • Remember, no retroactive points for previous purchases.

Ready to be rewarded?

Creating an account is easy! It’s free, simple, and the only way to start earning points right away.

Plus, with an account, you’ll stay informed about all the latest in our kingdom, ensuring you never miss a chance to save.

TL;DR: Join the AK Royalty Rewards Program

Just scrolled all the way to the bottom? No worries, we got you.

  • Earn 1% back in points on every purchase
  • Collect points by buying, reviewing with images, and trying AK DASH
  • Points last 6 months and are redeemable on nearly all our products
  • Create your FREE account to start earning today!

Become a part of the AK Royalty Rewards Program and treat yourself to savings that are fit for a king. Sign up today, your kingdom of savings awaits!

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