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Fix potholes the easy way no matter the season with these cold asphalt patch repair supplies.

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Gator Patch
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Gator Patch Half Pallet (12 pails)
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Asphalt Kingdom is America's number one source for cold asphalt patch and other crack repair products online. Whether you're looking for an easy-to-apply product like Gator Patch or a versatile one like Cold Asphalt Patch, we've got you covered. Browse our Asphalt Patch store to learn more about these products.

What is Cold Patch?

Cold asphalt patch is a type of pavement maintenance product that is used to repair large cracks, potholes, and other kinds of pavement damage. Unlike hot pour crack filler, this product can be used as is. No heating or melter oven required!

To apply cold patch, simply pour the product on the crack or pothole, even it out, and let it dry and cure completely before use.

Different Types of Cold Patches Available at the Asphalt Kingdom Store

Gator Patch

Gator Patch is one of our most popular crack repair solutions designed to fix alligator cracks, cracks wider than 1/2", and even shallow holes. It has a mud-like consistency that is easy to apply, and the product dries and cures within hours.

Gator Patch is one of the most economical cold asphalt patches in the market. It is available in 5-gallon buckets, and you can cover as much as 20 sq. ft. of alligator cracks for every gallon used. Need to repair linear cracks instead? Then you'll be glad to know that a single gallon of Gator Patch can cover up to 150 feet of linear cracks.

Applying Gator Patch is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need is a to apply the product on the affected area, leave it to cure for a few hours, and apply a second coat. Leave it to cure once again for several hours and you can drive over the pavement once again after a few hours.

Cold Asphalt Patch

Cold Asphalt Patch is one of Asphalt Kingdom's most versatile products. It is formulated to cover cracks not only in asphalt but also concrete. Plus, this asphalt-in-a-bag can be applied no matter the season so you can patch your pavement as soon as possible and prevent it from deteriorating further.

Each bag contains 50 lbs of cold asphalt patch that allows you to repair 4 sq. ft. (at least 1-inch thick) of pothole.

You don't need any special tools or machines to apply a cold pothole patch. All you need is a flat steel tamper or even as simple as a 4x4 to tamp the patched surface down. Let it cure for at least 3 to 4 hours (or until it completely hardens) before using the area again.

This is ideal for homeowners and commercial property owners who don't have patching machines or cannot afford to purchase one. Do your own driveway and save thousands of dollars in the process!

Aquaphalt 6.0 Concrete and Asphalt Patch

When it comes to repairing potholes and extensive cracks, you should be able to do it all year round. No need to wait for the summer — clamp down on cracks as soon as they appear and prevent the foundation from eroding further.

You can do that with the Aquaphalt 6.0 Concrete and Asphalt Patch. Use this cold patch during summer or use it when it's below freezing. Just pour the product into the pothole, spread it evenly using a rake, a lute or a shovel, and pour some water on it to activate the product. Tamp it down and you're good to go. Let it harden for 24 hours and you're all set to drive on it.

How To Apply Cold Patch

How to apply a cold asphalt patch depends on the product you're using.

For Gator Patch, all you need is a squeegee to apply and spread the product evenly onto the surface.

Cold Asphalt Patch and Aquaphalt 6.0 are poured directly onto the pothole and tamped down using a tamper, a plate compactor, or an asphalt roller. Let the repaired area harden properly before using the driveway or parking lot.

The Best Time To Conduct Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

We recommend that you apply cold asphalt patch during spring and summer — basically anytime when the sun's out and it hasn't rained for a day or two. Aquaphalt 6.0, on the other hand, can be applied anytime. We recommend that you check the forecast before applying any of these products as precipitation can affect the end result.

How To Make Your Asphalt Patch Last Longer

Sealcoat or asphalt sealer is a product applied after the asphalt surface. Usually, it is poured over the asphalt surface six months after hot asphalt has been applied. In the case of the repairs where hot or cold asphalt patch is used to fill up cracks or potholes, the sealcoat is applied on the patch one or two days after the repair job. With sealcoating, asphalt is protected from drying out and becoming brittle. An asphalt surface with sealcoat will not deteriorate easily even with exposure to weather changes since it is protected from the elements.

Sealcoating also starts with making sure that the asphalt surface is clean. It doesn’t matter whether a broom or a high pressure sprayer is used to clean the surface as long as the result is that the area of the asphalt patch is free from loose dirt, dead leaves, or other debris. Once clean, commence applying the sealcoat or asphalt sealer.

For sealcoating jobs after patching a pothole, doing it by hand will suffice. Thoroughly mix the sealcoat substance before applying it. Coat it over the repaired asphalt surface, making sure that it is evenly applied. As a general rule, it is best to apply a thin layer first then letting that thin layer dry out before applying the second layer. Applying a thick layer by hand carries the risk of the sealcoat not drying out correctly. Some people mix in sand with the sealcoat. The asphalt patch or the sealcoat will not last longer from the sand though. Rather, it is added to provide texture, which is sought after by those who want their asphalt surfaces less slippery.

A faster method of applying sealcoat would be with the use of a sprayer. In this instance however, it is more appropriate for when an entire driveway needs sealcoating than just a repaired pothole. A sprayer gives the advantages of faster and more even application. Mixing sand with the sealcoat is not advised when using a sprayer system. Whether sealcoating an asphalt patch or an entire driveway, it is best to do this every two to three years.

Talk to one of our asphalt repair experts for free advice on which cold patch product to buy. You can reach us at 1-866-399-5562 or for more information on all our crack repair products.

Fix potholes the easy way no matter the season with these cold asphalt patch repair supplies.