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Asphalt Rake

36 Inch Asphalt Light Lute


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36 Inch Asphalt Light Lute

Quick Overview

This 36-inch asphalt lute has steel head construction to provide you with durability.

A 36 "-wide lute that helps you get asphalt level every time.

The Bottom Line

The Right Tools Make a Difference

When I was paving my first driveway I did not have the right asphalt lute. I was using a normal gardening rake that you would use for raking earth in your yard. However it did get the job done. The only thing was that the asphalt was not raked evenly as the gardening rake was just not wide enough and the teeth on the rake were just too long.

Paving lutes are usually around 36 inches wide. This allows you to rake a 3-foot section and guarantee that it IS level. I also found that I was able to have way more leverage on the lute. Pulling and pushing the asphalt was way easier with a REAL paving tool as shown in the picture above.

As you may already know our goal at www.asphaltkingdom.com is to provide tools and equipment at the absolute best price and quality.

If you are looking for a lute to get your patch work and paving jobs done properly we have the right product for you, guaranteed.

Dimensions 15.5" x 60"
Weight 8 lbs
Lute 36" Light Lute
Blade 3 3/4"
Handle 1 3/8" oversized 82" handle with gusset bracing
  • Steel head construction
  • Double-riveted head-to-handle connection

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36 Inch Asphalt Light Lute This Asphalt Lute has heavy steel construction for lasting quality. Get free shipping and no taxes when you purchase from Asphalt Kingdom! AK05-AR 36 Inch Asphalt Light Lute 125 Asphalt Kingdom